Here Are The States Republicans Are Expected to Pick Up Next Month

Here Are The States Republicans Are Expected to Pick Up Next Month

Republicans are looking to have good results nationally as more Americans sour on Joe Biden and the Democrats running Congress amid record-high gas, food, housing and other prices, as well as declines in their retirement portfolios and now, skyrocketing interest rates.

But they should also be on pace to pick up some state legislatures and perhaps as many as four governorships, the Daily Caller reported Sunday.

“Republican candidates are currently leading polls in gubernatorial races in Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin and Kansas, according to polls aggregated by RealClearPolitics (RCP). Two of these states, Oregon and Nevada, are rated by the Cook Partisan Voting Index (CPVI) as more Democratic than Republican, making them much tougher territory for GOP candidates to win,” the outlet reported.

Meanwhile, Conservative Brief noted last week:

A Democrat-leaning pollster has Republicans leading the generic congressional ballot for the first time this year.

Tim Malloy, an analyst at Quinnipiac University Polling, shows the Republican Party with a lead in its latest generic congressional ballot poll just one year before the crucial 2022 midterm elections.

“Though the numbers are not overwhelming, they signal a potentially ominous trend for Democrats as a plurality of voters recommends tossing out the party that controls the House,” Malloy said.

The survey asked respondents which party they wanted to control the House if the election were held today; 47% said they would prefer Republicans, while 44% said they would rather see Democrats in control.

Fox News reported:

The numbers could be more troublesome for Democrats than they appear on the surface, due to Quinnipiac’s tendency to slightly bias toward their party. According to opinion poll analysis done by data journalism publication FiveThirtyEight, Quinnipiac receives an “A-” grade for accuracy but has a typical bias of about 0.5 points in favor of Democrats.

The survey, which was conducted between Oct. 1 and Oct. 4, represents the first time Republicans have led in the poll since Quinnipiac began asking the question in May.

Quinnipiac’s first generic congressional ballot poll of the 2022 cycle, which was conducted between May 18 and May 24, showed Democrats with a nine-point lead over Republicans.

Cook Political Report Senior Editor David Wasserman also told NBC News that he believes Republicans are poised to retake the lower chamber for several reasons.

“Based on all factors, you’d have to consider Republicans the early favorites for the House majority in 2022,” Wasserman said.

“But as we found out in 2020, surprises can happen, and it’s not a done deal,” he added. “Democrats’ best hope is that Biden’s approval rating stays above 50% and that Republicans have a tougher time turning out their voters without Trump on the ballot.”


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