Harris Faulkner Rips Actor Mark Ruffalo For Claiming War in Ukraine 'A Gift': No Wonder 'People Hate Hollywood'

Harris Faulkner Rips Actor Mark Ruffalo For Claiming War in Ukraine 'A Gift': No Wonder 'People Hate Hollywood'

Fox News host Harris Faulkner blasted actor Mark Ruffalo on Wednesday during a segment on the midday “Outnumbered” panel discussion program over comments he made about the horrendous war in Ukraine, which he called “a gift” to President Joe Biden and Democrats.

During a previous interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Ruffalo made his remark in reference to climate change, noting that he believed the war could quick the U.S. pace to develop more green energy while shunning cheap, plentiful fossil fuels (that the U.S. burns cleaner than just about any other country on the planet).

“Actor and environmental justice warrior, should I put that in quotes, because they all fly,” Faulkner said before introducing a clip of the Tur interview with Ruffalo.

“Mark Ruffalo says the war in Ukraine that has resulted in the thousands of deaths and unspeakable war crimes we see daily has actually been a ‘gift’ for President Biden’s clean energy effort,” she added.

Ruffalo said of the worsening conflict following Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion: “This is a moment for President Biden to take this, our momentum, people’s fear, their disgust of the war, their disgust with energy prices and–and use that to solidify a message to the American people that now is the time to transition.

“This where the jobs are, this is where national security is, and we’re going to keep pushing him to do it and this is a gift to the president as we see it and we see him accepting it in such terms,” he added.

Got it? Tens of thousands of deaths and waves of human suffering mean nothing to this cretin who worships at the Church of Climate Change. Translation: ‘Those deaths are worth it if it gets more people into electric cars while destroying the global economy.”

But his comment set Faulkner off, as well as other members of the panel.

“See, I have no doubt why people hate Hollywood,” Faulkner said to begin the panel’s discussion. “That is it right there, just do your job, just play your role! Whatever it is.”

“War is not something to be used. War is not something that is a gift, this is something you learn when you are five or maybe ten and it is elementary,” former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany added, arguing that Ruffalo was making the war in Ukraine about the climate agenda, adding that he was without empathy for those who were going through it.

“How disgusting that the climate agenda means so much to this man that he is delusional to the point of not having the empathy,” she said, making reference to the many disturbing images and stories emanating from Ukraine in the months since Russia invaded Feb. 24.

“Do you remember, Harris, and Emily, I know that we were on air together when the pregnant woman was bombed in that maternity hospital. And you pointed out just the blanket over her, it was so sad to watch, unfortunately, she did not make it and neither did her child, those are the images of war and that’s what we must bring to light as to what is happening in Ukraine. It is certainly not a gift,” McEnany added.



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