Haley Confronted Over Why She Is Continuing Her GOP Presidential Campaign

Haley Confronted Over Why She Is Continuing Her GOP Presidential Campaign

Former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is beginning to draw more ire from conservatives for refusing to drop out of the 2024 GOP primary despite trailing her former boss, Donald Trump, but high double digits.

In an interview Tuesday on Fox News, host John Roberts point-blank asked Haley why she was staying in the race when she appears well on her way to losing her own state’s primary next week.

“Last question, just on that whole point of South Carolina, a new CBS poll out, shows that Donald Trump is 35 points ahead of you. Now he’s increased his lead. And here’s a question I have. We’re just a little more than a week away from South Carolina at the moment. It looks like you’re going to go into that contest and lose badly in your home state, which will forever be a cloud over your political career. Why go through with it?” Roberts asked Haley.

“So first of all, that’s what they said before New Hampshire, and I got 43% of the vote. Our polls do not show that that is not what we’re saying, and we’re going to close that gap,” Haley began.

“More than that, you’re asking me about my political career. That’s the problem with politics. Donald Trump’s worried about his image. Joe Biden’s worried about his image. I’m not worried about mine. I’m worried about the future of America. I’m worried about my kids and what country they grow up in. I’m worried about your kids and what country they grow up in,” Haley continued.

She added, “This isn’t personal. It’s not about me or what happens to me. This is about the fact that if we don’t see how bad this can get, it’s already bad. If we don’t become part of the solution and realize that we can change it, that’s the problem. I will say again, don’t complain about what happens in a general election if you don’t play in this primary because Donald Trump cannot win a general election.”

“He’s already said he’s going to spend more time in court than on the campaign trail. He spent $50 million of campaign contributions towards his personal court cases. The RNC is broke. Republicans will not win if you continue down this path. The reason Donald Trump wants me to get out so badly is because he wants help paying his court fees. That is not the job of the RNC. That’s not the job of taxpayers,” Haley concluded.



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