WATCH: ‘Growing Pains' Actor Kirk Cameron Discusses Moment He Became A Christian In Hostile Hollywood

WATCH: ‘Growing Pains' Actor Kirk Cameron Discusses Moment He Became A Christian In Hostile Hollywood

Hollywood is infamous for being tough on conservatives and avowed Christians despite the fact that virtue-signaling stars are the first ones to claim they are the most accepting, tolerant beings on the planet.

That said, not all who trod in Tinsel Town have shunned their belief in a higher power, and that includes “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron, who discussed the moment he became guilty of being a “Christian in Hollywood.”

The Blaze reports:

Cameron, who starred on the hit 1980s sitcom, said that he began acting at 14 years old — and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to get its narcissistic hooks into him.

Luckily for the longtime entertainer, he was moved to ask Jesus Christ into his life and lived the rest of his life thereafter as a changed man.

During a recent appearance on the PragerU “Stories of Us” series, the actor said that a note written by his daughter prompted him to consider his former Hollywood superstardom.

The note, he explained, said, “It’s the same boiling water that softens potatoes that hardens eggs. It just depends on what you’re made of.”

“So the same difficult challenges and influences of Hollywood that turn some people sour and make them narcissistic and bitter and joyless and afraid to not fit in is the same pressure that actually softened my heart and caused me to embrace gratitude and be thankful for the life that I have and want to use a platform and this Hollywood industry to advance the good,” said the 1980s sitcom star.

“I really think it’s what you’re made of. And if you don’t know what you’re made of, don’t look to your environment or your industry or other people to give you an identity. There was somebody who made you — ask Him. And you can be sure that the ending of the story is gonna be fantastic,” Cameron added.

By the time he was just 17 years old, Cameron explained he was already living a life that most only dream of: Riding around in expensive sports cars with fellow 80’s stars like Michael J. Fox and getting far more attention than a young teen could want, at a very impressionable age. However, he said he began to worry all of the fame would not be enough to sustain him through eternity.

He then recalled the very moment that he began to turn towards Christ: It was after dropping off a female actress at an acting class.

“I knew that if there was a heaven, I wouldn’t be going there,” he said, noting he was living a life of arrogance and not one of submissiveness and service to the Almighty.

“God, if you’re there, would you please show me?” he said at the time.

“Would you forgive me for the wrong things I’ve done and make me the person that You want me to be?” he continued.

Now 51, Cameron says he is living his life with his faith as the centerpiece of it all, with a family and a wife who is a fellow Christian whom he met on the set of the 80’s sitcom.

“I found a girl,” Cameron said. “She’s beautiful on the inside; she’s beautiful on the outside. I married her and we’ve been married for 30 years.

“You have no idea how much more valuable that is. I’ve got six grown children who love God and still ask me my opinions about things, who still love to come home and be with me and my wife, and I’m on PragerU’s ‘Stories of Us.’ I mean, the story doesn’t really end much better than this,” Cameron testified.


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