Granholm Attacks Gas ‘Hoarders,’ Says If Drove Electric Car Fuel Shortage ‘Would Not Be Affecting You’

Granholm Attacks Gas ‘Hoarders,’ Says If Drove Electric Car Fuel Shortage ‘Would Not Be Affecting You’

The Biden administration’s secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has demonstrated her deadly combination of daft, dismissive and just plain stupid. In a White House press briefing on Tuesday Granholm expressed a flat-out lack of compassion for citizens in the United States as we deal with the serious consequences of a cyber-attack on one of our largest fuel sources.

At one point during her lecture behind the podium she says, “the American people can feel assured that this administration is working with the company to get it resumed as soon as possible.” Except, her entire speech is not only assuring, it is quite frankly, insulting.

First she comes down on gas station owners: “we expect that gas station owners are – are and should act responsibly. We will have no tolerance for price gouging.” And, “federal and state officials will be investigating those actions if they see price gouging. And we are urging consumers to report any price gouging to their state attorneys in general.” Got it.

She then jumps not only into criticizing, but actually gives a warning to those going into defense mode and who feel a need to protect themselves. “And as – one other warning, I guess: Let me emphasize that, much as there was no cause for, say, hoarding toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, there should be no cause for hoarding gasoline, especially in light of the fact that the pipeline should be substantially operational by the end of this week and over the weekend.

Just in case she hadn’t insulted enough of the American population yet, she pulls out the hip liberal move and touts electric cars. When asked by a reporter “how does this speed up the efforts at DOE to move in more of a renewable direction since this is going to have an impact on people at the pump?”

In a condescending response she answers, “Yeah, I mean, we obviously are ‘all in’ on making sure we meet the President’s goals of getting to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly.” Hopefully a follow-up question will be asked of Mrs. Granholm as to where she thinks electricity to charge the cars comes from.

Roughly Four Million Are Without Power in Texas as Wind Turbines and Other Sources of Power Freeze Up

Among the sources contributing to power outages in Texas are frozen wind turbines from the winter storm.

In order to deal with the loss of electricity during the storm, rolling blackout orders were issued Monday.

Just The News reports:

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that “the ability of some companies that generate the power has been frozen.”

He also said the problem included natural gas and coal generators.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says the power outages may last through Tuesday.

Almost 4.5 million Texans are out of power, according to, with Houston and Galveston being the hardest hit.

Parts of Texas saw temperatures in the single digits prompting the electricity council to tell residents to turn off non-essential lights and appliances and turn down thermostats to 68 degrees.




SICK: Michael Moore Says Texans Shouldn’t Get Vaccine Because State Lifted COVID Restrictions

Leftist director Michael Moore said Texans don’t deserve the COVID vaccine because the state lifted its restrictions, allowing businesses to open 100 percent and removing the statewide mask mandate. 

Moore tweeted on Wednesday, “Texas – we hear you. You didn’t want to be part of our electrical grid. And now you’ve removed your mask mandate & are allowing large crowds to gather. We hear you! COVID is a hoax! So u don’t need our precious vaccine. We’ll send it to ppl who are saving lives by wearing masks.”

Moore then wrote, “2. Yes, we must and will find a way to vaccinate the poor and people of color in Texas. To Texans who say, hey, it’s not me – it’s the Governor! Well, then, impeach and remove him. We’re tired of this. Don’t mess with Texas?  Happy to oblige.”

Moore’s tweet came after Texas governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday that it was “time to reopen Texas 100 percent” and eliminate the statewide mask mandate.

“Everybody that wants a job should be able to get a job. Every business that wants to be open should be open,” Breitbart reports that Abbott said during a meeting at the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

Moore’s comments beg the question: What would their beloved “universal healthcare” look like under liberals?


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