GOP's Sen. Schmitt: Biden 'Is The Real Threat To Democracy'

GOP's Sen. Schmitt: Biden 'Is The Real Threat To Democracy'

Republican Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt predicted what President Joe Biden was going to say in his State of the Union address and he nailed it.

He spoke to Fox News host Laura Ingraham and said that the president would “cast a lot of blame for the problems that we see as a country that are of his own making” onto former President Donald Trump.

And that is exactly what he did when he mentioned the former president as “my predecessor” 13 times on Thursday.

“Well, the first thing is, I think, for the State of the Union, turn it into a drinking game. Every time Joe Biden says ‘extreme’ or ‘MAGA Republicans,’ I think Washington, D.C. will be drunk in the first five minutes,” said Schmitt.

“He’s the most divisive president we’ve ever had. And I’m tired of hearing lectures about threats to democracy when this is the guy that’s literally trying to throw his political opponent in prison for the rest of his life, take him off the ballot and, by the way, started the largest censorship enterprise we’ve ever seen in the history of the country,” the senator said.

“The real threat to democracy is Joe Biden. But he is going to try again to cast a lot of blame for the problems that we see as a country that are of his own making, take immigration and him undoing all the success under President Trump and try to shift that blame. That will be the purpose of the speech tomorrow, but I think, Laura, when the dust settles and those whoppers are told, the American people are going to be left with the reality, which is they are much worse off now than they were when President Trump was in office. …,” he said.

“To me. it’s a new era, especially for the Republican party. Our anchor, our core support are working people. That’s how I grew up. I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood. And you look at 3 issues at the top of the list. The economy. The American family right now., they are having to pay about $10,000 more every year for the same stuff than just a few years ago. They are paying — they are working harder to pay for benefits for illegal immigration. 9 million people have come here from somewhere else. We don’t even know where. And energy. You look at this war on domestic energy production. No country in the history of the world, Laura, has declared war on natural resources like we have. We are shipping those jobs to China, we’ve hallowed out the middle class, and everything is more expensive because of it,” he added.



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