Georgia Judge Sets Hearing Date To Consider Dismissing Trump's Case

Georgia Judge Sets Hearing Date To Consider Dismissing Trump's Case

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis may be watching her entire case against former President Donald Trump disintegrate.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has ordered a hearing for March 28 to decide on dismissing the case for First Amendment reasons.

Similar cases for dismissal were made by Trump codefendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell and both failed and later pled guilty.

“Here, the indictment’s recitation of supposedly ‘false’ statements and facts, undisputed solely for purposes of a First Amendment-based general demurrer/motion to dismiss, show that the prosecution of President Trump is premised on content-based core political speech and expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment,” Trump attorney Steven Sadow said to the court.

The attorney said that the way to correct speech that is false “is speech that is true … not a state (racketeering) prosecution against the former president of the United States.”

The Georgia judge overseeing the 2020 election meddling case against the former president declared that former President Donald Trump and his associates could file an appeal against the ruling that rejected the disqualification of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wills.

Last week Judge McAfee “issued a certificate of immediate review, allowing Trump and eight co-defendants to seek an appeal of the order. The Georgia Court of Appeals has 45 days to decide whether they will hear the case from March 15, when the order was issued. Under Georgia law, the Georgia Court of Appeals is not required to hear the case,” Fox News reported.

Willis narrowly survived her disqualification hearing last week and will be allowed to continue on the case against Trump — but controversy has followed her ever since.

Judge McAfee decided not to disqualify Willis from leading the Trump case, provided that she gets rid of her romantic partner, Nathan Wade, who has since stepped away.

In light of McAfee’s criticism of Willis’s actions, legal experts now believe that her case against Trump and her own career would both benefit from her resignation.

Even though the judge did not find Willis guilty of perjury or financial misconduct involving Wade, the judge did note that her actions were troubling.

In his decision from last week, McAfee hinted at an “odor of mendacity” in Willis’s testimony concerning her relationship with Wade, who resigned in response to the judge’s remarks. There are eighteen co-defendants in the case against Trump, which centers on allegations of a conspiracy to sway the 2020 presidential election.


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