GA House Passes Bill Revoking Delta Tax Break After Airline CEO Bashed State’s New Election Law

GA House Passes Bill Revoking Delta Tax Break After Airline CEO Bashed State’s New Election Law

The Georgia House of Representatives passed an amendment revoking Atlanta-based Delta Airlines’ multi-million-dollar tax break after its CEO slammed the state’s newly-passed election law. 

In a memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said Georgia’s election integrity legislation was “unacceptable.”

“I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values,” Bastian wrote. “After having time to now fully understand all that is in the bill, coupled with discussions with leaders and employees in the Black community, it’s evident that the bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong.”

House Speaker David Ralston slammed Delta, saying, “They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them. You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

The bill has yet to be brought up in the Georgia Senate, where it is less likely to get passed.

The Left has perpetuated numerous falsehoods about Georgia’s election integrity law, claiming it was racist and oppressive. Their lies are so outrageous, even the Washington Post was forced to give President Joe Biden “Four Pinocchio’s” for lying and saying the bill would restrict voting hours.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently outlined the key points of the bill in an op-ed:

Judge Rules "Voter GA" Group Can Unseal Fulton County Georgia Ballots and Inspect Them

A judge from Henry County, GA, Brian Amero, granted members of the Georgia-based group, VOTER GA, the right to unseal and inspect ballots from the 2020 election for evidence of voter fraud.

Speaking on behalf of the group, VOTER GA spokesman Garland Favorito said the decision “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history.”

Georgia Star News reports:

Former U.S. President Donald Trump lost Georgia’s electoral votes to current U.S. President Joe Biden.

The Georgia Star News asked Favorito if he and his hundreds of volunteers might find enough evidence of voter fraud in Fulton County to tip the Georgia election in favor of former U.S. President Donald Trump?

“That’s possible,” Favorito said.

Favorito said Fulton County officials have long resisted VOTER GA’s attempts to inspect their ballots.

“We have sworn affidavits from several poll managers who say they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count audit because those were mail-in ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument like a mail-in ballot should be,” Favorito said.

“And they appeared to be on suspicious paper stock.”

Fulton County spokeswoman Regina Waller on Monday declined comment.

“Due to a pending legal matter, we are unable to comment at this time,” Waller said via email.

Favorito explained that the group must remain quiet about their findings until they present them in court. He went on to explain that the group has hundreds of volunteers and many of them will help inspect the Fulton County ballots.

Read more here.

New Election Reform Law Has Georgia Under Pressure From Activist To Boycott MLB, PGA

Georgia was one several swing states embroiled in controversies surrounding the 2020 election and voter fraud causing the state government to pass an election reform bill. This made activist groups along with athlete activists join in their effort to get the state to boycott Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Professional Golfers Association (PGA).

Breitbart reports:

The Masters is scheduled to be held in Augusta, Georgia, in August. The MLB All-Star Game is scheduled to take place in July. However, several different activist groups are doing their best to prevent either event from taking place after Georgia passed a voter reform law that will make it harder for Democrats to steal elections.

As Breitbart Warner Todd Huston reports, “The new law was praised by Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson, who said, ‘Reforms to make voter ID requirements and early voting access more consistent statewide, modernize the state’s voting rolls, and ensure robust oversight of voting and elections will protect Georgia’s votes and make the state a model for the rest of the country.’”

MLB Players Association (MLBPA) President Tony Clark has already signaled a willingness to hold talks on moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia.

“Players are very much aware” of the Georgia bill, Clark told the Boston Globe. “As it relates to the All-Star Game, we have not had a conversation with the league on that issue – if there is an opportunity to, we would look forward to having that conversation.”

This would not be the first time professional sports got involved with politics but the PGA and MLB have yet to say whether they plan to cancel the events.


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