TCKS FULL TRANSCRIPT - Unpacking the Global Threat of the Great Reset with Glenn Beck

TCKS FULL TRANSCRIPT - Unpacking the Global Threat of the Great Reset with Glenn Beck

Charlie Kirk: [00:00:00] Hey, ready, happy Monday, my exclusive conversation with Glenn Beck, author of a new book about The Great Reset. You are going to love this conversation. If you want to get involved, Turning Point USA if you are a high school or college student, start of Turning Point USA chapter today at TPUSA. Com That’s TPUSA. If you want to support our show, go to Charlie Support. That’s Support to get behind the work we are doing to spread the good word of the Gospel of the Constitution of the country. Charlie If you want to email me your thoughts, you can do so. Freedom at Glenn Beck is here. An amazing conversation. You guys are going to love it. Make sure you’re subscribed and text this episode to your friends. Here we go. [00:00:40][40.5]

Intro: [00:00:40] Charlie, what you’ve done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk, Charlie Kirk’s running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie’s an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He’s done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That’s why we are here. [00:01:11][30.6]

Charlie Kirk: [00:01:13] Brought to you by the loan experts, I trust Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Andrew and Todd dot com. Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show. With us is someone I have an amazing amount of respect for and someone who has been a teacher to me throughout the years. Glenn Beck, who is the author of I Think 21 New York Times bestsellers, national radio host you see him on TV all the time and also the author of a new book, The Great Reset. Glenn, welcome back to The Charlie Kirk Show. [00:01:41][28.4]

Glenn Beck: [00:01:42] Thanks, Charlie. [00:01:42][0.3]

Charlie Kirk: [00:01:43] So, Glenn, tell us why this topic and why now there’s so many things you could be talking about. Why the Great Reset? [00:01:48][5.0]

Glenn Beck: [00:01:49] Because I think this is the end of Western civilization if we don’t stop it. This is a topic that I stumbled on a year and a half ago and I started hearing, Oh, a great reset is coming because of COVID. And I started looking it up and Joe Biden was running for president and I heard build back better. And I thought, what kind of third grader came out with that slogan? It is awful. Well, doing the research on it, it’s not a campaign slogan. It’s a campaign for the Great Reset and the Prime Minister of Japan uses it. Prime Minister of England, Australia and New Zealand, the entire West. And when I first started looking at it, I mean, the last book I wrote was arguing with socialist and Charlie. I think you and I have talked about socialism and the threat from that several times. And I really thought we were dealing with Marxists and socialists. And in a way we are, but they’re useful idiots. What’s really going on is the elites of the world, the the global leaders, mainly the corporations, the banking system, the Treasury, the central banks. They all see a different world coming and they have all taken it upon themselves to devise a way that will get us through this fourth industrial revolution. And that is pretty much taking all your rights away, taking your property away. You answer to a group of elites. And when I first found it, Charlie, I thought, this can’t be I mean, this, it just can’t be. The more research I did, the more I realized. Not only it is, it is so far down the path. For about a year writing this book, my biggest struggle was There’s no way out. There is no way out. I now know the way out, and it’s not as hard as we think, but if we don’t act now, we’re not going to make it. And I mean, not just America, the entire Western world. [00:04:11][141.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:04:12] So I want to get to that and we’ll use that as a teaser. So people listen all the way through because that’s really where I wanted to land on this. And I’m thrilled, Glenn, you want to talk about that because it’s one thing to diagnose the problem. Another thing to activate people for a solution. Those are two different things and both important. So I just love the cover. I just have to compliment you on it. Everything from Biden to Soros on there to the Bond villain Blofeld himself, Klaus Schwab. Yeah, I’m not a big Hollywood fan. I do love movies. I think recent movies are terrible. But the Christoph Waltz character Blofeld in the recent Bond movie is Klaus Schwab. [00:04:47][35.2]

Glenn Beck: [00:04:48] It is. It absolutely is. I was watching the Bond movies when the last one came out. We had a kind of a movie marathon as a family. And I’m watching and I’m like, This is the great reset. This is what they’re doing right now. It’s almost it is so bond villain. Like, it’s crazy. It’s really crazy. I’m glad you said that it makes you. [00:05:15][27.1]

Charlie Kirk: [00:05:15] Actually, I got as far to say that it might have been a group of dissident writers that are aware of it and were trying to, like, warn us, yeah, through art. It was so deliberate. Maybe that might be a level too deep. So, so let’s let’s focus on one of the characters on the cover of your book. The lesser known Soros is well known Biden as well. Who is this Klaus Schwab guy and whoever elected him. [00:05:36][20.2]

Glenn Beck: [00:05:37] Nobody ever elected him. He is the head of the World Economic Forum, and this is how this is run under cover so well and so effectively. They’re like, Who’s Klaus Schwab? Who’s the World Economic Forum? They got nothing. They have no power. They have never been elected anything. It’s a bunch of guys getting together, going, skiing once a year in Davos. Ha ha. No, it’s not the World Economic Forum. This is something that Klaus Schwab and there’s nothing more Bond villain than a guy who wants to take away freedom around the world, who grew up in Germany and so has a big German accent. It’s fantastic. He’s right out of central casting, but he’s a he’s a guy who has been going down this path for a long time. And in fact, you know, there is a book that I read years ago. It’s hard to find because a lot of them, at least with some of the pages in it, a lot of people took them and ripped the pages out. It was written during the FDR administration and it’s called the road in which we’re traveling, and it was written by a guy named Stuart Chase. Chase is the guy who coined the phrase The New Deal. This book is written in 1942, and tell me if this sounds familiar. It opens with the idea that we’re in a war right now and we have to do everything we can to win this war. But when the war is over, we can’t go back to the way things were. We have a chance to reset the financial markets to reset capitalism. The problems that we have today are caused by the free market. And so we need a free market that is managed. That’s 1942, they say. At the very end that they needed, they they don’t know what to call it yet because it’s not communism, it’s not socialism, it’s not fascism. And it’s it’s not capitalism, it’s the middle of all of those things. They called it in the book in 1942, System X, and they said, This is the road that we’re on is the road we’re traveling, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop it. But there has been things that have stopped it. This is the exact same plan, except dressed up with global warming, dressed up with COVID, dressed up with the world is in so much debt we’re going to have economic collapse. But it is exactly the same plan. And Klaus Schwab has been moving in this direction his whole life, his whole life. [00:08:25][167.9]

Charlie Kirk: [00:08:26] And it’s fitting he’s German, not because of the obvious 1930s 1940s National Socialist Workers reference, but this idea of Hegelian ism, of marching through history towards an inevitable utopia, something you talk a lot about, Glenn. And our listeners are starting to become more familiar with it. This idea of your place in history started in Germany, and Hegel really brought Christian theology and perverted it into kind of this mechanistic, very industrial view the Germans have always embraced. And so it’s fitting in that regard that the world. Economic forum thinks of themselves in that capacity. And so you brought up Davos, that is something similar younger listeners aren’t that familiar with. Davos is a town in Switzerland. They’d always have these meetings. You and I would cover it over the last couple of years, and they would always say things that were a little out there on climate change. But you bring up a good point. It’s not just the chance to kind of, you know, swap business decks and insider stock deals and get super drunk on, you know, champagne and ski. There’s actually a network that has been created here, and part of Why I Love Your Logo is on your book is you kind of have that symbol on there that almost looks as if they’re trying to create this one world belief. So in your book, I see the kind of not so subtle hat tip to Aldous Huxley. You cross out Brave New World and you put in terrifying new world now. Disclaimer I have not read your book yet, but I’ve kind of went through it just kind of in preparation of this. I can’t wait to read it. Talk a little about Huxley because we talk about Orwell. We don’t always talk about Huxley, and I think it could be kind of instructive when we talk about these. [00:10:02][95.5]

Glenn Beck: [00:10:03] So there’s two there were two competing visions of a dystopian future, and we know 1984 we talked about George Orwell, and much of what George Orwell talked about is happening right now. The Newspeak, you’re censored everywhere, Big Brother is always watching you, etc., etc. But it was it was. It was brought through brutality. And that’s that is what separates the Great Reset and also Brave New World. Brave New World is, I think I think Huxley is the winner in the end of these two visions. He he envisioned, instead of a brutal, dystopian world, he thought through drugs, propaganda, so much of life, all of this stuff, people would want it and they would just they just go there and you wouldn’t have to do anything to them. They would just go there and and you would be, you know, drugged and happy. Well, what’s interesting about the The Great Reset is in their own words, and I heard you, the book has about 50 pages of fine print footnotes. Everything there is absolutely reference. Never. It’s not my opinion. It’s not somebody’s second hand opinion. It is always there. Words from their documents and their organizations. And it was really important to do that because there are people that go into just take a little bit of a left or a right and you’re in conspiracy land. Don’t go into conspiracies. This is bad enough as it is. So if you look at what they say, one of the things they say is that 20 by 20, 30, you will own nothing and you’ll like it. Now this is something that they explain. Like Uber, you’re not going to own a car. You don’t need to own a car, you’ll just rent one. But they go all the way to food housing. They go to a clothing energy. Everything you will own zero property. Well, here’s the question that they don’t answer. Then who does? This is a public private partnership between the government and and a big business. This is truly classical fascism. Forget the nationalism. Forget about rounding people up. Just what is fascism? Fascism is very much what we have in in in communist China. I think it’s more fascistic now than it is communist. The difference is communists come in and they own everything. And then when the utopias is that is achieved, then you see that the state gives all the land to all the people and no one owns anything. Everybody gets along. It never happens. You never reach actual communism. So it’s not that. It is fascism where the state does not own the businesses. They allow businesses to do their work and the business can run any way they want. As long as you’re in line with the party and you, you own the business and you can reap all the benefits unless you step out of line, then you’re gone and someone else will take over that business. This is critical to understand because Biden has already put us into public private partnerships with banks and some of the largest businesses in the world. And this explains why companies are being are going along and saying, Yeah, I’ll do the vaccine mandate. Even though the Supreme Court said it’s unconstitutional. I want to do it anyway because I believe the vaccine mandates. It’s why Home Depot could stay open during COVID. And yet I couldn’t go into my local hardware store because that was too dangerous. None of this makes any sense. It’s why people are saying parents should not have a say in what their children are educated. It’s not really your child. You know, you put them in school. Let the experts deal with it. All of this. This entire book is a Rosetta Stone for the news. Once you understand what their plan is, truly what their plan is, all of a sudden, everything in the news makes sense. You’re like, Oh my gosh. Well, there it is. One of the things that people might have seen is, do you remember when New York and a couple of other states started to go after gun codes and they didn’t go after gun companies with the law? They put out a public private partnership plea for banks and financial institutions to please. I think this is very risky business for you to be involved in a gun. [00:15:41][337.9]

Charlie Kirk: [00:15:41] Operation Choke Point is what it was called. [00:15:43][2.1]

Glenn Beck: [00:15:44] Exactly right. Then you also have the same thing happening in in any other business. You’re seeing it now with Exxon and Green Energy. They’re not going to be able to get a loan because the government and the collective elites find that to be a destabilizing factor for this new community. So it’s an end run completely around the Constitution and they’re getting you through the financial sector. They’re getting you through the corporations that will all work for it. Why did these giant corporations get massive bailouts? And yet, mom and pop that we’re trying to keep their store open. They get nothing. They have nothing. They’ve been put out of business, and no one seems to care. And yet all the big businesses are roaring and making all kinds of money [00:16:40][55.8]

Charlie Kirk: [00:16:41] for trillion dollar wealth transfer from working people to the elite ruling class. To complete the point on the on the Huxley restaurants. It’s interesting where you say no one owns anything in Huxley. There is this incantation that is repeated that everyone belongs to everybody. One of the things that Huxley hypothesized is that pleasure can be a way to control the masses and the drug you talked about, Soma is what they used to take. That’s right. And in Brave New World. And it’s interesting because to also connect some of the dots to that Stewart Rhodes piece is that you said the name was through a trace. Is that Huxley thought the industrial revolution Henry Ford was the turning point of time? So time in Huxley’s book is f after Ford. Everything after Ford is when things started to unravel. According to Huxley, there’s a lot there, but we don’t have to spend too much time. But I’m just thrilled that and actually Orwell and Huxley were contemporaries. They both went to Oxford. So I want to ask you about one of the things that you mentioned here, Glenn, which is really important. So the eight predictions for 2030, according the World Economic Forum, you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy. The U.S. won’t be the world’s superpower. You won’t die waiting for an organ donor. You’ll eat less meat. A billion people will be displaced by climate change. You could be preparing to go to Mars, and western values have been tested to the breaking point. What are we supposed to make of all that? [00:18:00][79.7]

Glenn Beck: [00:18:02] You are going to wake up in a very short period of time. And America, everything it stands for, everything the western the western world has built itself on and around will be gone. You will. This is literally the road to serfdom. I think this is the plan that that that specific book was written for. That is saying, here’s how it happens. And here’s what you have to avoid and don’t do these things. This is the road to serfdom where you have the elites who make all the decisions will have all of the wealth, will keep you constantly in a state of renting or working for them, not you. You’re always in a state, too, where you just can’t get ahead. But they will get ahead. And they’re making all of the decisions. It is. It is taking us back 500 years. It is taking us back to a feudal system to where the king. And that’s on a global scale, picks the winners and losers, picks the landowners and the lords and the ladies. Everybody works for them. They have a great time. They get fat. Meanwhile, you’re working on their property, not yours. You’re working for them. You have to give them so much and you go ahead and keep whatever else you have on there. But there’s no invention because it won’t improve my life. I can’t receive a benefit if I come up with something. The King or Google all of a sudden owns my idea and I have. I get nothing out of it. [00:19:55][112.4]

Charlie Kirk: [00:19:57] Well, that’s that should motivate people to say the least. [00:20:01][3.7]

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Charlie Kirk: [00:21:37] So let me ask you a question before we get into the derailing because I really want to spend a good amount of time there, Glenn. I don’t want to gloss over it, but this is a good introductory question to that, I think. Do they think it’s going according to plan? Yes. [00:21:52][15.1]

Glenn Beck: [00:21:53] They do, and they are way ahead as as I did the research for this book again, a year and a half worth of research and each piece of research they’ve come up with change a series of events and you be like, Oh my gosh, wait a minute. They also have this. And for at least a year doing this research, I like, I wrote it, co-wrote it with Justin Haskins, and I said to him. Have you found a way out yet because I can not find the way out yet? And he said no. He said, I mean, we could write, you know, Hey, it’s blah blah blah. I like people. Then people will kill themselves if we present this world and we haven’t found a way out. There’s got to be a way out. And for a year, I thought too well-financed. Way ahead we are. We are literally. We could be months away from this closing the door and leave and no idea. They are so arrogant. I have a clip that came out yesterday from the World Economic Forum. They were speaking. And they said, We’ve just done some research on the elites. The see that, [00:23:11][78.2]

Charlie Kirk: [00:23:12] yeah, we’re that. We’re better connected, but they don’t like us type of thing. [00:23:15][3.4]

Glenn Beck: [00:23:16] Correct. And they don’t care. They don’t care that the people let them eat cake. OK. This is not going to end well as if if people are informed and know what they’re dealing with. So when I look at this, I thought there’s absolutely no way out. They think there’s no way out. And that gave me the only inkling of hope I had was in their arrogance. They will fail. But we have to play a very important role in that failure. [00:23:55][39.1]

Charlie Kirk: [00:23:57] Oh, I totally agree with that. So I want to ask you one more question that I want to go full into Chapter seven, derailing the great reset. And I just want to kind of tease it to our audience. The book is called The Great Reset, obviously by the great Glenn Beck. Never let a global pandemic go to waste. Very well worded thanks to Rahm Emanuel. Climate change, modern monetary theory. You and I could talk about that for an hour. The creation of an open air. I went on your show in the midst of all that. Like I remember two years ago, we talked about that at length. The great reset. [00:24:24][26.9]

Glenn Beck: [00:24:24] Charlie, I don’t know. You haven’t read this and I know you know this, but nobody talks about part two of modern monetary theory. Right now, we’re only doing the first part print as much money as you want. The reason why no one’s afraid of inflation is because of the great reset. If you have total control of production and spending, they believe they can control runaway inflation and MMT will work. This is why no one seems to care about inflation, and everybody else is like, Wait, what are we doing? How many trillions we spend? What are you doing? There’s no way to pull this money back. They know that, but no one’s talking about part two of modern monetary theory, which is coming. [00:25:12][48.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:25:13] What is part two? [00:25:14][0.6]

Glenn Beck: [00:25:15] Part two is you can spend as much money as you like, you can print as much money as you like, and my first reaction when I first read about this was really because then why didn’t people do that? I don’t know 5000 years ago. You don’t. You’re telling me, no king. Nobody ever went. Just keep printing money. [00:25:34][19.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:25:35] Just debase the currency, right? [00:25:36][1.3]

Glenn Beck: [00:25:36] Yeah. Right, right. It never works. So how could this be modern monetary theory? Because of the second part, the first part states you can you can print as much money as you want, do whatever you want, as long as you, you know, you know, you could raise that money someplace. Well, we could sell all of our national parks and our homes and everything else. And yes, we could back all that money up in theory. Now the second part is, well, this will be too many dollars chasing too few goods. Yes, unless unless you have absolute control of all production, you know, all labor. All sales. And the consumer, you must shut down capitalism and the free market. And I still don’t think it will work. But this is their theory is let’s say you get rid of the dollar because the dollar’s worth nothing. And so we got to go to a digital dollar. OK, that impoverishes your people. We’ve done this two or three times already in the history of our country. And every time that you change to a new currency, the average person loses anywhere from 60 to 40 percent of their money. So whatever you have in the bank, not due to inflation, just because we’re switching currency, you will go to well, let’s just say 50 percent of what you had is what you will now have under the new currency. And that’s usually what our Treasury has already put in. A white paper where they’re talking about this transition is this time. It will not be even for everyone. It will be based on social justice. So if you are white and rich, you might lose 70 percent of your dollar and somebody else might get 120 percent of their money. OK, so right now, they just announced this again yesterday. They’ve been talking about a white papers, but they just if you saw the price of bitcoin today, part of that is Russia. But the other part is the United States of America. We’re going to make a USD U.S. digital dollar when that happens. Yeah. Do you remember what’s your name, Saul? Moreover, she was the Treasury Secretary nominee, and she was going to be in charge of the financial sector banks. The reason why she was so controversial is because she doesn’t believe in banks. She says banks aren’t are part of the problem. There should only be one bank, the central bank, the Federal Reserve, the government’s bank. And so the idea of the great reset is changed to a digital currency that can be tracked at all times. Open up the Federal Reserve and the central banks of all the West and deposit making a an account for every citizen of the world, and they’ll open this account. Let’s say congratulations. You’ve got 5000 U.S. digital dollars in the Federal Reserve Bank. All you have to do is go and sign this and you can start using that money. By the way, you’ll have six months or a year to change all of your currency over two USD. And it will only be done in the Federal Reserve Bank. Why is this bad? Well, let me start with how do I know they’re going to do it? Do you remember when they said We’re going to have to track because people don’t pay their taxes? We’re going to have to track every single bank account that has $10000 more of transactions? Well, every bank account has over a year period of time, $10000 unless you run a lemonade stand. OK. And it will give the federal government 100 percent immediate insight on everything that is spent. So here’s how the second part of modern monetary theory works. Let’s just use gas. Now, this won’t happen because they’re going to. They want the price of gas to go up. But let’s just say gas, because it’s an easy example. Gas prices seven dollars a gallon in California and $4 a gallon here in Texas. And if people are just not able to afford it because it’s going to be 12 dollars a gallon. OK. Too much money, taste chasing too few goods. So what do you do? You either increase production or you get people to stop spending money on that project. So let’s use cars or or gasoline. Car prices are up for a used car, 37 percent. Car prices for a new car, if you can get one or what, 25 percent gas is up over a dollar in the last 12 months. Dollar and a half. How can we change this? Well. Because of COVID, because of the emergency, because of. Well, honestly, global climate change, because of inflation. People have to be able to have gas. So look, here’s what we do. Are you an essential worker? You know, I don’t even have to ask because we know what everybody does. We know where you work. We know how far you have to drive to work. We know if you can work from home or not. And those are all your choices. But right now, we’re having an inflation problem with gasoline and we have to make sure our first responders and the really important people that have to get around, they have gas. So if you are one of those people, your credit card, your digital dollar will work at the gas station. If you’re not one of those people, we’re just asking you to stay home just to help out all of society. Your digital dollar will not be accepted any place where you can buy gas until we get this under control. That’s on the every single product in the economy. Tell me how great that’s going to work out. [00:32:02][386.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:32:04] This is exactly why they’ve designated crypto as an asset, not a currency, because they don’t want you to be able to trade with that crypto. They do not want to. They do not want it to be able to substitute bartering or a digital dollar. Correct. People misread the Treasury’s guidance last year as soon as Treasury came out, and they said, crypto’s an asset. So this is going to be a problem and you’re spot on with that. There’s a lot of people out there that will just read for any company if the check clears. I simply won’t compromise our values here on this show, which is why I made the switch to undertake. They’re the only man’s basic brand that is unapologetically Christian, pro-America Pro, Second Amendment and battle tested by special forces. They put quality, comfort and functionality first, integrating a quick release fly a secret pocket and an extra wide waistband into their design under attack uses top quality fabric that is super soft anti-bacterial, anti pilling and moisture wicking under attack as durable, fade resistant and shrink resistant. Here’s the best part. There are about 30 percent less expensive than the competition, and they share your values. I’m asking you to support this growing company today. Right now, they’re running a special for my listeners at Get under Let’s get undertaxed, come by three. Get one free with the offer code Kirk. That’s four pairs of the same price from the competition. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back? We need to support companies that put out quality products and share our values. Get under PACOM. That’s get under Takam Offer Code Kirk. So I have two final questions. We could take as much time as you want, Glenn. I want to be respectful of your time. I’ll stay as long as you want to stay. Thank you. The first is this is that this is hard for some people to believe. Some people are actually really decent and they live normal lives. They walk their dogs. They take their kids home. They wake up on time. They try to follow the law, they pay their bills and they say, Come on. All right. I’ve watched the James Bond movie Glenn Charlie. You guys are doing this for ratings enough. Like, there’s no way people could be this sinister, this dark, this Machiavellian. You’ve heard this objection before, Glenn, but I want to. I want to see you kind of navigate us through that. [00:34:09][124.3]

Glenn Beck: [00:34:10] OK, so let me, in case you don’t know my history. I’m a guy. In 2006 that was voted as the third most admired man in the world doing come up with that saying every year, and I thought, This is ridiculous, boy. AmericaFest sick. But I was tied with the Pope and Nelson Mandela. And at the time, I was working on CNN saying exactly the same thing. But I think a lot of people that watch CNN thought I was doing a parody. So a year later, every night, every night. And you know this, Charlie? They I mean, Cheryl Atkinson wrote a book about it and said I was the first real prototype that was used as the guinea pig to destroy and cancel people. Everything had been done to me for a couple of years. And I know because it was said to me by the number two guy in the George Soros organization and others that were also very high and powerful. You know what your problem is? You won’t play the game. Right, because it’s not a game with me. OK, if you don’t go along, they will destroy you. There is. My family has been under threat for a decade, plus my business has almost been destroyed over and over and over again. Literally only because the blessings of God am I still standing. And I don’t really expect to make it to the end of all of this stuff because it’s crazy what’s going on. Believe me, if I wanted to make money or Charlie, you wanted to make money. We are smart enough to do something much different than this. And quite honestly, attract an audience that includes the entire country, not just half of it. That’s where the money is. So this is not a conspiracy. As I said in the book, Everything is footnoted. Everything comes from their sources. There are three states now Texas, Texas, New Hampshire and West Virginia. There are others in the pipeline, but three that have already announced they are going after the banks and ESG. They are changing the laws to make sure that none of this happens. I just talked to the the state treasurer of West Virginia, and he said, Glenn, I heard you talking about this a year ago, and he said I didn’t believe it. He said, But you know, my job is finance, he said. So I decided to look into it. He said it was worse than you said. He said it and it’s happening and we’re seeing it happen right now. It’s a Rosetta Stone. So go ahead. Be skeptical. You should. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t go online and go into conspiracy websites that are saying, you know what that means. That means they take it from them and then see what they’re doing. They’re doing it and they’re not ashamed. [00:37:19][189.2]

Charlie Kirk: [00:37:19] I’ve said for a while, I said conspiracy theorists should have all gone metaphorically bankrupt because who needs conspiracies when it’s all right there in the World Economic Forum website? It shouldn’t. I mean, you got you got the suspicious Epstein thing you got. I mean, you really need conspiracies on top of this. Anyway, that’s a separate issue for a different time. All right. You’re the general. What’s the game plan? How do we derail this thing? Chances of winning? What can people do? [00:37:45][25.6]

Glenn Beck: [00:37:46] OK. Charlie, I think you know me well enough to know I’m a. Optimistic. Catastrophe risks. I see. I’m a guy you do not want to be on the Titanic with. Before we hit the iceberg because I’ve already counted all the lifeboats and I’ve already when we’re traveling too fast and you guys smell smoke, something’s on fire and it’s cold. What are we doing? I’m a catastrophe, but I’m also optimistic. What you want? Be on the on the Titanic once the ship hits the iceberg, because I also have this weird ability to be positive and see where the exits are and calmly go towards the exits. I thought for a long time, the United States was the Titanic. It was going to sink. Let’s get into a lifeboat. Let the damn thing sink. We can start it over as long as we have our ideas and our people. Let’s start over. OK? This is not the Titanic. This is a very hostile takeover to something that will go against the grain of every citizen. I would say 85 percent of all Americans, when they are exposed to this, not only will they see it, they’ll be able to verify it. They will see the evidence of it in the news they’ve been asking themselves over and over again, what the hell is happening? How does that happen? Why is that company doing that? Why is our congressman or senator or anybody saying this right now? This is it. This is we all know that these things are so obvious, but we have no idea why someone would do it except to destroy every. It’s a it’s a very clear, methodical and quite honestly beautiful in an evil sort of way plan. And it has been a plan that in one form or another has been kicking around for about 100 years. It is the end game of the progressive era. We are at the end about 2016 was the end of the progressive era. I thought we were going into the Marxist era, which was just swooping up and saying what progressives really were. But that’s not it. We are entering the fascistic era. And the first thing that you have to understand is. They’re terrified of you. They are absolutely terrified of you. And here’s how I know it. If they thought you didn’t have any power or you couldn’t work them, do you think they’d spend the time, the money, the energy? Doing the Capitol Hill hearings of Jan. six of silencing voices of obviously being bad guys. I mean, you know, when you start silencing people and crushing them and they’re on your side, but you just said something, they just said something that you don’t like. And so you have to crush them and you create fear and division. You’re afraid of those people. You’re saying to us every day these people are these, they’re terrorists, they’re terrorists, and we’re looking at each other going, What are you talking about with terrorists? All these people are anti-government. No, no, I’m not. I’m pro-gun and I love the Constitution. I just like, pull it out of the desk and try it. So they are terrified of you. Or they would not be spending the energy to make you feel isolated, completely alone, not able to connect with people that you that think like you. Making sure that anyone who stands up and you go, Yeah, I think that’s right, that that person is discredited, destroyed and put behind a ghetto. We are living in a world of a digital ghetto. Well, Jews understood, unfortunately too late is they had an awful lot of power. But once the wall was built up around them and the Germans could say, Do whatever you want inside the ghetto, we don’t care because no one outside the wall can see or hear you. That’s when they could do anything. And that’s the wall digitally that they are lifting right now. So how do you beat something that has literally trillions of dollars? Has every single elite on board, has digital technology unlike the world has ever seen? Has algorithms with A.I. that in five years from now will either free you or enslave you and possibly forever? How do you beat this? I go back to. Let me give you another book H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. You remember how that ended, Charlie? I don’t. So, you know, Martians came down and they had these machines that were way beyond our technology. We tried using every weapon on Earth. We threw everything we had on it. They were vaporizing eating us. It was horrible. It’s the first real cut sci fi space rock. And in the end, the human race will. How? A virus. The smallest is, as he wrote, the smallest of God’s creatures destroyed, the most powerful. So you have to look at yourself and realize you have what they want. What they want is absolute control. They want your submission. They want your money. They want you to believe this is a conspiracy theory. They want you to believe it’s so big. There’s nothing you can do. So you will just go, What are we going to do about it? Here’s what you do. First of all, no lies in your life, no lies. And Reid stole this nation on this. He has said yes. Yet if you read specifically, that’s in the book, but look up specifically the last thing he said to the Russian people before he was shipped out of Russia. He spoke about, Look, I know the Russian people, I know you don’t have the guts. You have grown up under this brutality and it’s scary to stand up and march in the street because, you know, you’ll be in Siberia. Here’s what you can do. We all know the state is lying to us. We all know they say we must say this because it’s true. And we just say it just to get along. He said the first thing you must do is erase all lies in your life. If someone says, you know that dude with the junk in the pants, that’s a woman. No, no, no. That’s guy always will be a guy. He may choose to live his life as something else. But that is a guy, and he should not be competing in swimming or any other sport against girls. He’s built differently. Truth. I don’t hate him. I don’t want to destroy him. I’m just not going down that road. OK. All lies must stop. That’s the first. Second, you must inform yourself on facts. And the only way, the only way you will be able to withstand what’s going to come is if that information is yours. So I gave you this book with all the footnotes. Do not take my word for it. Go to those footnotes and look them up. You have a different mind than I do. You will find other things and you will find other avenues and you’ll be like, Whoa. And you will become the expert on that. And that information will be yours. You’ll not. You’ll never say again. You know, I heard Glenn Beck talk about it. I wish he was here. I wish he could say because I don’t remember exactly all it. You must make this information. Yours. The next thing? Get out of business with big banks. Stop it if you have money, you know, credit card anything. Bank of America. JPMorgan Chase. Any of these look on their websites. You will see E s g. They’ll stats environmental, social, justice and governance standards. That’s the public private partnership. The Paris Accords were not about global warming. The reason why when Donald Trump pulled out of this and I didn’t know this at the time, the reason why the entire world of elites went crazy is because the Paris Accords were the things that set up the banking sector to be able to control ESG. OK, if the banks aren’t allowed to do this, it falls apart. They have to have the power over you with finances, insurance and things like that. So get your money into a local bank, one that is owned locally, one that invests locally. There’s no reason to send all of our hard earned money out to JPMorgan Chase. God only knows where they’re spending that money and using that money. Give it to the local banks that tell will tell you. And hopefully in writing, we will never do e-cigs. And there’s a lot of those banks because they know what this means. This is going to put them out of business, and there will only be the Federal Reserve Bank. So they do not want this. So go to them and say, Look, I’m going to move my money. I’m going to take my loans. I don’t use credit cards from you, but you must keep everything local here that will strengthen your local economy. It will strengthen your local small businesses, and it will send a very strong message to the banks. Don’t you dare we are on you and you. You need our money, you need our money and our compliance. The other thing is, I mean, there’s there’s 11 outlined in the book, but the other one that’s really important is. This is all going to be solved. Think of that second smallest creature. This is not going to be solved in Washington. This is not going to be solved in Brussels or dollars. That’s part of the problem. This is going to be solved at the local level. Charlie, you said earlier that they said, you know, you won’t eat as much meat. The the the meat manufacturers there’s for the meat manufacturers, the ones that are the slaughterhouses that provide America with 90 percent of its meat. They’re all in lock step. Meat will be so expensive by 2030. This is a quote that you will that only the very wealthy will be able to have any of it. The rest will eat, you know, bogus meat. OK, well, wait a minute. But the reason why this can happen is because they are currently these four companies that are responsible for all of the meat butchering. They buy all of the cows from ranchers because they’re kind of colluding in a monopoly and they know exactly what they’re doing. They are putting ranchers out of business. They are putting farmers out of business. So those will become gigantic. Industrial farms and animals will not be part of your diet. No ifs, ands or buts. That is already on the road to happening. And what do you do? Well, there are states right now. South Dakota is one. I think Idaho is another one. There’s several in the Midwest that are now saying we are going to allow local butchers and we will also help fund the US slaughterhouse, if you will, to be able to have local product by local people. Everything you ever heard a hippie say about Haney and you know, I only eat organic stuff and I go to the farmer’s market, go to the farmer’s market. Yes. Support your farmers. Get local food, local meat. Keep your power local. Get on your zoning boards. Get onto your school boards, run for mayor, run for the State House. It’s all going to come down to the states and your local community, and it will be the bacteria that eats this monster that seems indestructible. [00:51:07][800.4]

Charlie Kirk: [00:51:08] I agree with all that, and I believe in the natural law, and so do you, I believe in Genesis 11, and God does not treat those who try to build a structure to challenge him kindly scatters them into chaos. It’s happened many times, and that is part of my hope. But I also tell people, you make your own hope to take terrain of your local area. Know what’s happening. I’m starting to see the citizen rise. But Glenn, [00:51:32][24.0]

Glenn Beck: [00:51:33] I am too. And you know what? One last thing 40 percent of all jobs are going to be destroyed by 2030. That’s just that’s a well-known fact because of this industrial revolution, this technological industrial revolution that we’re going through. The only thing that you and people your age and people that follow you. You need to know the world is not going to be the same with or without the great reset because of technology. The only thing that will matter? Is empathy a guy robotics can do a lot of things. They will be better at diagnosing people’s cancer, but they cannot give that news to the patient. They cannot replicate empathy. You can’t be part of this. They’re my enemy and I hate them. Everything you do must reinforce empathy because at the end of this, we are all going to be here together. And if you want a job, you want to see the future. You have to your main skill must be listening to people and being empathetic. [00:52:41][67.8]

Charlie Kirk: [00:52:42] So our humanity, we are the speaking beings. And in the beginning was the word in the word was God, in the word was with God. And that doesn’t change. Glenn, thank you so much. This was amazing. The Great Reset. I could talk to you for hours and I learned so much, and I think our audience will be blessed, empowered and encouraged from this. So thank you so much, Glenn. I really appreciate it. [00:52:59][16.3]

Glenn Beck: [00:52:59] Ali, thank you. The work you, you have done and the work you guys are doing is critical. Thank you. God bless. Thank you. God bless, [00:53:07][7.9]

Charlie Kirk: [00:53:08] Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts. As always, freedom at Charlie Thank you so much for listening, everybody. God bless. [00:53:14][5.7]

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