France Bans Gender-Neutral Language, ‘A Danger For Our Country’

France Bans Gender-Neutral Language, ‘A Danger For Our Country’

As America has gone on a journey for “wokeness” countries such as France are warning against following our lead. After months of French politicians and intellectuals cautioning “that far-left woke culture from the United States was a threat to France” will now “ban the use of gender-neutral language in schools,” reports the Daily Wire.

“The country’s education ministry issued the ruling last week after a push to include full steps in the middle of written words – dubbed ‘midpoints’ – which allow both male and female forms to be represented simultaneously” reported the Daily Mail. “In French grammar, nouns take on the gender of the subject to which they refer, with male preferred over female in mixed settings.”

Last week France’s State Secretary for Priority Education, Nathalie Elimas, said attempts to make the language woke are “a danger for our country” and “the death knell for the use of French in the world.” Elimas added “with the spread of inclusive writing, the English language – already quasi-hegemonic across the world – would certainly and perhaps forever defeat the French language.”

France’s education minister said changes to the language would also make it harder for people with learning disabilities to learn French. A nearly 400-year-old institution, Académie Française, says making the language woke is “harmful to the practice and understanding of [French.]” The But, France’s leftist teacher’s union, the SUD Education Union, demanded educators ignore the bans:

“SUD calls on staff to take no account of these instructions from another time, and to exercise as they wish, depending on professional situations, the full use of their pedagogical freedom” the SUD statement said. “SUD Education demands from the Minister that he stop trying to impose his backwardness on the educational community” the statement continued.

In February the New York Times  reported:

“With its echoes of the American culture wars, the battle began inside French universities but is being played out increasingly in the media. Politicians have been weighing in more and more, especially following a turbulent year during which a series of events called into question tenets of French society.”

Biden's HHS Pick Supports Cross-Gender Hormones and Sex Change Surgery For Kids

Joe Biden’s HHS pick, Dr. Rachel Levine, supports puberty blockers, cross-gender hormones, and even sex change surgeries for adolescents.

The National Pulse reports:

“For prepubertal children,” Levine said in a 2017 speech at Franklin & Marshall College, “they might present in different ways. They might present at school in the gender they were identified at birth, or they might present as the other gender, or they might be more gender-fluid.” Levine has described children as young as five or six as “knowing” which gender they wanted to be.

Once, however, the child reaches the “young adolescent” stage, Dr. Levine recommends puberty blockers, a practice which Dr. Levine apparently followed at Penn State Hershey Medical Center as Chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders. In speeches, Levine describes prescribing puberty blockers and cross-gender hormone injections to children who expressed anxiety about the natural process of puberty.

Additionally, Levine has expressed doubts about the “controversial” requirement in some standards of medical ethics that patients receive psychological evaluations before undergoing such drastic medical regimens.

The current protocols for gender-dysphoric youth, Levine stated in a 2017 speech, outline a two-step process: the prescription of puberty-blockers during the first stages of puberty, and then, after continued counselling, the introduction of cross-gender hormones between the ages of 14 and 16. Then, around age 18, the patient may undergo surgery. But, as Levine noted, there are sometimes exceptions. In certain instances, Levine has said, surgical procedures may be performed on patients under the age of 18.

This pick for HHS should be questioned thoroughly by senators on both sides of the aisle as sex change surgeries for kids are opposed by a large majority of voters. The long term effects on children from puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex changes can leave them with devastating consequences including no longer being able to have children themselves.

Levine has come under fire for how she handled things as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health including forcing Covid-19 hospital patients into nursing homes leading to many deaths. Levine downplayed the criticism saying Covid-19 was already present within the facilities.


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Transgender Sports Ban is Vetoed by North Dakota Governor

In response to vetoing a bill involving transgender sports, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said the state already has rules in place for sports leagues regarding transgender people.

The Hill reports:

“North Dakota has fairness in girls’ and boys’ sports in large part because of the caring and thoughtful leadership of the North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA) Board and its members,” Burgum said. “We have every confidence they will continue to ensure a level playing field for the more than 27,000 students who participate in North Dakota high school sports.”

The state says a transgender student who is not taking hormone treatment may not participate in sports with the gender they identify as, The Bismarck Tribune reported.

Transgender males have to undergo testosterone treatment in order to compete in male sports leagues, and transgender females have to undergo testosterone suppressing treatment for one year before participating in female sports leagues.

“To date there has not been a single recorded incident of a transgender girl attempting to play on a North Dakota girls’ team. Further, the NDHSAA already has regulations in place for participation in sex-separated interscholastic contests by transgender students,” Burgum said.

The bill could be overridden by the state House and Senate, with the House getting enough votes the first time around to override the governor’s decision.

This topic has a lot of tension surrounding it right now especially with the NCAA organization releasing a statement in which it said its Board of Governors “unequivocally supports the opportunity for transgender student-athletes to compete in college sports.”


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