Fox's Brit Hume Says It's Obvious Which Direction Presidential Outcome Is Going

Fox's Brit Hume Says It's Obvious Which Direction Presidential Outcome Is Going

President Joe Biden may be the weakest incumbent president in history and Fox News anchor Brit Hume believes that former President Donald Trump is close to having the election locked.

The comments came during a discussion with fellow Fox News anchor Bret Baier on new polls that show the former president outpacing the incumbent massively in swing states that tend to determine the presidential elections.

“Brit, what do you make of the latest polls, it tracks with other polls we’ve seen about the trust on the economy and how big that issue is?” Beir said to start the conversation.

“Well, you put that together with the states where Trump appears to be ahead and, remember, Mr. Trump does not need to win all those battleground states. If he holds the states he held in 2020 and wins a couple of those states, you know, you could pick at any number of them you could pick to be the two. He’s president,” Hume said.

“And if the election were held today I think this poll indicates he’d be elected. Obviously, we have a long way to go. It’s only May. But the issues favor him. Abortion favors the Democrats but the economy and immigration and a number of other issues favor the president and the people are upset about his performance generally. Age is not an issue they cite but you know it’s an issue working against Mr. Biden. So, I think that’s where it stands now. It’s not quite fair to say it’s Trump’s race to lose. But it’s getting there slowly,” he said.

According to the most recent poll data from a New York Times/Siena College survey published on Monday, Trump holds a lead over Biden in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by margins of up to 13 points. Despite the president’s public skepticism regarding the polls, Axios reported that both the president and his advisers privately share the same disbelief in them.

“While the press doesn’t write about it, the momentum is clearly in our favor, with the polls moving towards us and away from Trump,” the president told donors during a California campaign event earlier this month.

According to Axios, several national polls indicate Biden is leading Trump, which Biden tends to cite and analyze closely. One such poll is the April 2024 PBS/Marist survey, which shows Biden holding a three-point lead over Trump.

“We run strongest among likely voters in the polling data,” Biden told donors at a Saturday event. “And while the national polls basically have us (among) registered voters up by four, (among) likely voters, we’re up by more.”


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