Fox News' Brit Hume Rips Jan. 6 Committee, Says He's 'Never Seen Anything' As Overtly Partisan

Fox News' Brit Hume Rips Jan. 6 Committee, Says He's 'Never Seen Anything' As Overtly Partisan

Longtime Fox News correspondent and political analyst Brit Hume took aim at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s very partisan, hand-picked Jan. 6 Committee during remarks on Friday.

In particular, the senior analyst noted that in his 50-year career, he’s “never seen a committee all of whose members were chosen by one party” in response to a tweet from the Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent Byron York.

“There’s a long tradition of adversarial process in congressional hearings/investigations,” York wrote on Friday. “You don’t have to compare it to a trial to know something is wrong with the J6 committee.”

Hume quoted York’s post and added: “I’ve covered Washington for more than 50 years, including 11 years covering Congress specifically. I’ve never seen a committee all of whose members were chosen by one party, and where there is no cross-examination or any attempt to present both sides.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the squishy ‘Republican’ anti-Trumper who became one of just two Republicans on the committee, channeled Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-Calif.) dishonesty in a push-back of sorts.

“Hey Brit. It’s been all Republicans testifying. Definitely one-sided, just not in how you think it is,” he tweeted. “And as you well know, Kevin McCarthy took his ball and went home. You all sound nervous.”

In fact, McCarthy was denied the ability to place his Republican choices to sit on the committee by Pelosi, which was unprecedented. And like Kinzinger knows, the reason for that is Pelosi wanted a committee of partisans so she could use it to hammer away at Trump and his MAGA brand for as long as possible.

What makes her and the rest of the Washington establishment “nervous” is another Trump victory.

In any event, Hume has previously hammered the Jan. 6 committee for being overtly partisan.

On July 1, the Fox News commentator criticized the Jan. 6 committee and media, “Hyping the events to increase interest, knowing most of the media will eagerly play along is what this committee does best.”

He included a link to an article written by York titled: “The Jan. 6 committee charade.”

On June 11, meanwhile, Hume labeled the primetime hearing as an “utterly one-sided presentation.”

Two days later, Hume mocked the Jan. 6 committee as “a televised press release with soundbites.”

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my life, and I certainly never imagined back in the day when I was working for one of the broadcast networks’ news divisions, that such an event would ever be put on primetime television by one of the networks,” he added during a recent Fox News appearance. “And in this case, it was done by all of them. Quite remarkable.”

On June 7, he tweeted, “It is not normal for a supposedly bipartisan committee to have its members all chosen by one party.” He included a video clip of his appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

The Blaze adds:

Hume pointed out that the Jan. 6 committee is comprised of Democrats Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin, Bennie Thompson, Zoe Lofgren, Pete Aguilar, Stephanie Murphy, and Elaine Luria. He also noted that the “one-sided” committee had anti-Trump Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger hand-selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Hume called Cheney and Kinzinger are “Republican members who could be counted on to agree with the conclusions already reached by” Pelosi.

“This is very much a partisan hearing, which is not to say that interesting facts won’t come out and they won’t make an interesting presentation in primetime but, look, this is only partially a hearing to determine the facts,” Hume told host Brett Baier. “It is as much as anything else an effort to give the Democrats an issue that they can run on when nearly all the other issues that people care about are working against them.”


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