Former Navy SEAL Detransitioning Back to Male, Warns Treatments On Kids Should End

Former Navy SEAL Detransitioning Back to Male, Warns Treatments On Kids Should End

Former Navy SEAL Chris Beck, who transitioned to a woman and became Kristin Beck, is now detransitioning back to a male, and has a warning for the country.

In an interview last week with conservative political commentator Robby Starbuck regarding his detransition, the two spoke about “how the VA provided doctor convinced him he was trans in a 1 hr session, how the VA doctor hatched a deal to release a book together, how CNN used him and most importantly, to warn the children who could be harmed next, ” according to Starbuck’s show summary.

Beck said that he is “not transgender,” adding that he used his confusion over the issue as the impetus to warn psychologists against pushing “their agenda” onto kids.

He said in the interview that it took a one-hour-long meeting with the Department of Veterans Affairs for hormone therapy to be recommended to him, which he has not taken now for seven years. He also described the effects of the hormones utilized to gender-transition his body.

The Daily Caller adds:

Beck was turned into a national figure when he came out as transgender in a 2013 CNN interview with Anderson Cooper. The interview came after he co-wrote the book “Warrior Princess” with psychologist Anne Speckhard. The book detailed him coming out as transgender. He warned viewers in the interview not to believe anything CNN said about him because he claims they “used [him]” and “destroyed [his] life” over the past decade.

He also accused Speckhard of manipulating him into becoming transgender and writing the book. In the interview, Beck claimed that she “lovebombed” him in the beginning and allegedly expressed her excitement about the book turning her into a millionaire. Beck later recalled how he tried to stop the book from being published because of doubts he was having. He says he remembered not knowing the book was published until he received a phone call from a friend. The next day, he says he was swarmed by media outlets, including CNN.

He talked about how he was “propagandized” and “used badly by a lot of people” throughout the process. He said that confused children are being “talked into” transitioning and refuse to listen to people like him who have been through it.

Beck served with SEAL teams for 20 years, conducting special operations all over the world including with famed SEAL Team Six. He was deployed 13 times and was decorated with more than 50 awards, including a Bronze Star medal with “V” for valor and the Purple Heart for battle wounds.


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