First Transgender Model Appears on 2021 Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

First Transgender Model Appears on 2021 Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

“Opening Eyes, Speaking Truths, Changing Minds” is not exactly what one generally expects to see on the cover of…Sports Illustrated. But alas, the woke era of political correctness has made its way into the world of chesty bikini models with the Swimsuit Issue’s first-ever transgender cover model.

Leyna Bloom has become the first openly transgender woman to cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. “This cover and this moment represent what it looks like in the future,” said Bloom. “Being a person of trans experience growing up in the world, there was no representation of that [in fashion], so I felt like I could never do this.”

Bloom says she has always envisioned a career in fashion while growing up on the Southside of Chicago, where her grandmother taught ballroom and runway classes. “This is my bloodline, this is my ancestry, this is where I come from” she stated.

“The world is changing and people need to see the fact that, wow, this is the beginning of it. This is what it looks like, and it’s so beautiful” she said. “This is not my first time making history, and this is probably not going to be my last. I want to just go out in the world and not limit myself.”

Normally, the women of the Swimsuit Sports Illustrated covers are seen in string bikinis, but Bloom chose leotard-like one-pieces including the $260 white one she wears on the cover. Her decision came because “trans women feel so comfortable in these one-pieces, so I want to represent them…I felt so confident every step of the way, and I don’t feel like that a lot of times when I’m on set shooting half-naked or in lingerie or even in swimwear.”


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