Female Student Athlete Sues High School After Being Suspended for Objecting to Trans Student Using Locker Room

Female Student Athlete Sues High School After Being Suspended for Objecting to Trans Student Using Locker Room

A teen female student-athlete has filed a lawsuit against her high school after she and several other girls were suspended for refusing to share a locker room with a transgender girl, who is a biological male.

Vermont high school student Blake Allen, her father Travis Allen, and Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Tyson Langhofer joined “Fox & Friends First” on Monday to talk about the lawsuit and explained their concerns over how the school handled the situtation.

“The school is just failing all of us,” Blake told co-host Todd Piro. “I was supposed to be suspended because I wanted to talk about something? That just doesn’t seem right.”

Fox News added:

Blake said she told school officials she was uncomfortable, and after she spoke about the circumstances with a peer, she was suspended. That has since been reversed, however, and she has been allowed to return to class. 

Her father, who is a Randolph Union Middle School soccer coach, was also suspended after defending his daughter. His suspension has not been reversed. 

“I had no other options,” Travis said. “We didn’t know what to do… This is why we’ve gone this route. Because when you’re being bullied by the head administration at the school, where else do you turn?

“They want me to fall in line and do as I’m told,” he continued. “And not offer any of my own opinions.”

Travis was accused by Orange Southwest Unified School District Superintendant Layne Millington of purposefully misgendering the trans student after he took to Facebook with his concerns.

“Such conduct is unprofessional and unbecoming, and flies in the face of the Vermont Principal Association’s athletic regulations, Vermont State regulations, and the RUHS Middle-High School expectations,” Millington noted in a letter last week, according to Fox News.

Langhofer, meanwhile, said that Blake’s suspension was reversed after the school realized the action was unjustified over a difference of opinions regarding the locker room. He went on to say he is hopeful that the school will “do the right thing” when it comes to her father, Travis.

“We’re hoping that they do the right thing with Travis,” Langhofer said. “Travis is a great coach and all he did was express an opinion on a really important matter. We need to be able to discuss these issues and share our opinion about these important policies that are affecting our kids.”

Travis said that the family’s tax dollars go to his daughter’s school district, leaving him unable to afford another education option for her. But he said it was important to stand up for her anyway.

“If your kids are not comfortable, then you need to speak up for them,” Travis said. “That’s what we’re here for. We’re parents. We’re here to protect them.”



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