FBI SWAT Team Raids Pro-Life Figure in Pennsylvania After Court Drops Case: Report

FBI SWAT Team Raids Pro-Life Figure in Pennsylvania After Court Drops Case: Report

An FBI SWAT team raided the home of a pro-life figure in Pennsylvania early Friday morning, traumatizing his wife and children, according to a report.

LifeSiteNews reported that between 25 and 30 heavily armed agents banged on the door of the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, home of pro-life activist Mark Houck, head of the pro-life group The King’s Men. Houck regularly travels to Philadelphia to provide sidewalk counseling outside a pair of abortion clinics, the report noted.

According to Mark’s family, the arrest appeared to stem from a case dropped by a federal court but picked up by Joe Biden’s Justice Department, for some reason.

“The kids were all just screaming,” Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, told LifeSite. “It was all just very scary and traumatic.”

Ryan-Marie, who homeschools the couple’s children, told the outlet that the SWAT team rolled up on the property with around 15 vehicles at about 7:00 in the morning, surrounding the house quickly with rifles in the ready position before “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”

She said that before opening the door Mark attempted to calm the agents down, saying, “‘Please, I’m going to open the door, but, please, my children are in the home. I have seven babies in the house.’ But they just kept pounding and screaming.”

When her husband did open the door, she explained further, agents “had big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house.”

As FBI agents entered the couple’s home, they ordered their children to remain upstairs.

“Our staircase is open, so [the kids] were all at the top of the stairs which faces the front door, and I was on the stairs as well, coming down,” Ryan-Marie said.

“The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic,” she added.

Upon questioning, the agents said they were on the property to arrest Mark. That led Ryan-Marie to ask to see a warrant, to which they replied “that they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not,” she said.

When she protested that, noting it is akin to kidnapping, saying, “you can’t just come to a person’s house and kidnap them at gunpoint,” agents finally retrieved the warrant from one of their vehicles.

“After they had taken Mark, and the kids were all screaming that he was their best friend, the [FBI agents on her porch] kind of softened a bit. I think they realized what was happening. Or maybe they actually looked at the warrant,” Ryan-Marie told LifeSiteNews. “They looked pretty ashamed at what had just happened.”

As a result, the mother said her kids were “really sad and stressed. So, I’ve already reached out to some psychiatrists or psychologists to try and help us through this. I don’t really know what’s going to come of it when you see guns pointed at your dad and your mom in your house when you first wake up in the morning.”

This won’t help quell criticism that Biden’s DOJ has become little more than a political enforcement wing for the Democratic Party.


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