"F*** Your Thoughts And Prayers": Michigan Democrat Says After University Shooting

"F*** Your Thoughts And Prayers": Michigan Democrat Says After University Shooting

Democrat State Representative Ranjeev Puri released a statement on Tuesday following a mass shooting by a gunman at Michigan State University. Puri’s statements came with a tweet that read, “F*ck your thoughts and prayers.”

Puri’s statement began, by extending his “deepest condolences to the Michigan State University community who are experiencing unimaginable trauma and grief after a shooter opened fire at multiple locations across Michigan State’s campus.” The identity of the shooter has been revealed to be 43-year-old Anthony McRae, a felon who had multiple gun-related charges in his past. McRae killed himself off-campus with a gunshot.

“What happened in East Lansing is unfortunately far too common,” Puri continued, adding that shootings were taking the lives of preschoolers and college students “every day” in the United States.

“Yet all we have offered up are empty solutions, traumatizing active shooter drills and bulletproof backpacks.

“We do not need to live like this. The United States is the only country where this happens. Where mass shootings have left us desensitized, waking up each day to a seemingly never-ending horrific cycle of gun violence,” he said.

“Thoughts and prayers without action and change are meaningless. Our office will continue to work tirelessly to pass common sense gun reform immediately,” he wrote. “We will not stop until our students can attend school without fear, our communities can attend places of worship in peace, and our society is safe from senseless gun violence.”

Puri’s comments were met with harsh criticism by some, including the Libertarian Party of Michigan, who said that Puri’s language and suggestions would only punish law-abiding gun owners.

“Punishing people who did not commit any crime for the actions of others is deeply unjust and won’t save lives,” the Libertarian Party of Michigan wrote. “If you cared about protecting students, introduce legislation to end gun free zones in schools. Give students the freedom to defend themselves against attackers.”


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