‘Disgrace’: Megyn Kelly Blasts Transgender Cyclist's Win In NYC Women’s Race As She Challenges College Male Athletes

‘Disgrace’: Megyn Kelly Blasts Transgender Cyclist's Win In NYC Women’s Race As She Challenges College Male Athletes

Megyn Kelly has criticized the victory of a transgender cyclist who’s a biological male after winning a New York City women’s race, calling it a “disgrace” as the cyclist is currently competing against female college athletes.

On Thursday, the host of the “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Sirius XM voiced her dissatisfaction on Twitter with what she called a “farce” – the victory of another biological male in a sporting event meant for women.

“I am begging — begging — any college male tennis player to put an end to this farce by declaring yourself trans & playing/easily winning women’s pro tennis tournaments,” Kelly said in a tweet to her 2.7 million followers, as reported by the Daily Wire.

“All it will take is one biological male to win women’s Wimbledon, French Open, etc for this disgrace to end,” she added.

The former host of Fox News shared a retweet of the New York Post headline that stated, “Transgender cyclist wins NYC women’s race days after other rider quits in anger at title loss.” The article highlighted the victory of Tiffany Thomas, a 47-year-old biological male who has won 20 races, including the recent one at Randall’s Island Crit over the weekend. Thomas began competing in races in 2018.

The article also featured remarks from Hannah Arensman, a champion female cyclocross rider, who revealed that she had quit the sport due to being compelled to compete against biological men in a sport intended for women.

“I have decided to end my cycling career,” Arensman said in a recent statement that was included in a Supreme Court filing regarding the issue.

The host of the podcast has been extremely outspoken in her opposition to biological men who identify as trans competing in women’s sports. In 2022, Kelly strongly criticized Lia Thomas, a biological male transgender swimmer, and harshly rebuked the University of Pennsylvania for nominating Thomas for the NCAA’s “Woman of the Year” award, the Daily Wire noted further.

“Lia Thomas is not woman of the year,” Kelly said, at one point. “That title belongs to one of the women who dealt with all the physical and emotional challenges and opportunities that come with being an actual woman … Not to a six-foot-three biological man who, within the last two years, declared that he was a woman. Period.”


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