‘Did Don Lemon Get Any Oxygen At Birth?’ Gutfeld Obliterates Lemon Over Goofy Traffic Accident Claim

‘Did Don Lemon Get Any Oxygen At Birth?’ Gutfeld Obliterates Lemon Over Goofy Traffic Accident Claim

Little-watched CNN host Don Lemon, now left to his own devices since he doesn’t have Chris Cuomo to lean on anymore, actually cited an expert during his Monday evening program who claims that the country’s rising traffic deaths are due to a “lack of civility.”

That goofy observation was perfect fodder for late-night show host king and Fox News rival Greg Gutfeld, which “raises the question: Did Don Lemon get any oxygen at birth?”

The Daily Wire adds:

Don Lemon offered no proof that concerned parents and other individuals who oppose Critical Race Theory, or mask mandates in schools “and on airplanes,” drove more recklessly than the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” more likely to watch CNN. Instead, Lemon merely claimed that unnamed “experts are saying” that a 2020 rise in car accidents “is due to an overall lack of civility in our society, a lack of civility that we have seen in school board meetings, over mask mandates, and on airplanes.” His “evidence” about 2020 car accidents came from CNN footage of events that took place in 2021.

On Monday, Gutfeld questioned who these “experts” are. “That evidence is harder to find than a CNN viewer,”  he quipped.

Even Lemon’s guest undermined his argument on Thursday night’s episode of CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight.” While Lemon focused on “civility,” his guest named another culprit: A stressed-out population that medicated itself with drugs and alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated, government-mandated lockdowns.

Lemon began the Dec. 9 segment by saying there were “38,680 deaths on U.S. roads last year — the most fatalities since 2007 — and that’s even with pandemic precautions drastically reducing the number of drivers on the roads. So, what gives?”

He went on to show clips of motorists getting into confrontations throughout this year.

“CNN showed a montage of a fist fight that broke out at Lee County (Florida) School District on August 31; a stand-off in a Tennessee parking lot on August 10; and a confrontation between airline personnel and guests who did not properly wear a mask inside a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to San Diego, California, on September 10,” The Daily Wire noted further.

Of course, Lemon did not show any of a plethora of violent video clips from the riots of 2020, though he “projected 2021’s controversies backwards onto 2020’s highways” before “guest Pam Shadel Fischer of the Governors Highway Safety Association said automobile wrecks increased due to the stress and addiction caused by last year’s COVID-19 pandemic”:

I think there’s just been so much stress, so much, you know, just feeling like you’re losing control, and so people are getting out there on the road, and they saw open highways and they were saying, ‘Wow. I can really put pedal to the metal. I can push it. I can do things just to relieve some of that stress.’

A lot of people have been medicating, using alcohol, using drugs , because they are so stressed out. When you put that combination of alcohol and drugs and you get behind the wheel and you are literally a powder keg ready to explode. You could cause damage and really kill someone. 

She went on to say that police officers routinely report accident victims who are “driving impaired on alcohol, drugs, sometimes multiple substances at the same time.”

But frankly, those are not new phenomena; police and the driving public have been dealing with those risks for years.

What was also notable is that Lemon did not address the mainstream media’s role in perpetuating the violence from last year and the fear of coronavirus this year. And he ignored the 55,807 DUI offenses and 48,919 traffic offenses committed by illegal aliens in 2020.

Gutfeld also said that the undeniable unraveling of society thanks to pandemic policies “forces Lemon to switch from lying to blaming something vague and unprovable.”

“But hey,” Gutfeld said, “it’s the closest to honest that he’s been in years.”



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