Devin Nunes Blasts Biden's DOJ, FBI Following Trump Raid: 'You jerks!'

Devin Nunes Blasts Biden's DOJ, FBI Following Trump Raid: 'You jerks!'

Former California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes did not hold back in his criticism of the Biden regime following the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate a week ago.

In an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Nunes — now the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group — mocked the notion that the 45th president was “obstructing” justice in any way, as reports over the weekend suggested, given his cooperation, for months, with the administration over the return of documents to the National Archives.

First, former Trump administration national security official Kash Patel noted that Trump, as president, had the ultimate authority to declassify any documents he wanted simply by declaring it so.

“Trump, as a sitting president, has the unilateral authority for declassification,” Patel argued. “He can literally stand over a set of documents and say these are now declassified and that is done with definitive action immediately.”

Next, Bartiromo briefly cited the Russiagate hoax and Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails before adding that she found it “extraordinary that they convened a grand jury, and I’m talking about espionage charges.”

Reports over the weekend also claimed that the Justice Department was considering charging Trump under the Espionage Act for ‘mishandling’ classified documents.

“And they went into the grand jury looking at the president for treason as if he’s, and look, if that was the case, if he really was holding these documents, these so-called classified documents and documents, we even heard, you know, leaks of nuclear secrets that the president was holding,” Nunes responded passionately.

“Well, that’s preposterous!” he continued. “And if that was true, you should have sent, they should have immediately sent and made this public and sent FBI agents around Mar-a-Lago if the nuclear secrets were really there.”

“But the fact that they convened a grand jury – accuse a president – again, this look, this is the second time, this never stopped. Remember, back in ’15 and ’16 is when they started first saying that he was colluding with Russians and Vladimir Putin and Republicans were all colluding with the Russians. They went to a grand jury with that,” Nunes added.

“So once again, this is a continued investigation of Trump and the Republican Party. It’s basically an investigation in search of a crime. And then conveniently, they brought back the Mueller witch hunt argument that ‘Oh, my God, he’s obstructing justice,’” the CEO said.

“Obstructing justice on what, you jerks!?” Nunes exclaimed. “Stuff that you had planted on an investigation that you basically created out of whole cloth. And I think that’s what we’re dealing with. The American people need to pay attention to it.”



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