DeSantis Says Florida Will Never Become 'Faucist Dystopia'

DeSantis Says Florida Will Never Become 'Faucist Dystopia'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told attendants at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that his state would never turn into a “Faucist dystopia.”

DeSantis criticized Democrats such as AOC, who is from a locked down state, yet comes to Florida to travel and enjoy time in the sun, mask, and restriction-free.

“From the very beginning, we refused to let this state descend into some type of Fauci-ist dystopia.”

“We protected people’s rights, we protected people’s jobs, we protected small businesses, and we made sure that every kid in the state of Florida had and opportunity to go to school in person, five days a week,” DeSantis said, according to The Post Millennial.

“In Florida, we reject the biomedical security state which erodes liberty, harms livelihoods, and divides our society,” he continued.

DeSantis said that holding people’s personal liberties and rights that drove the decision to go largely without restrictions throughout the worst of the pandemic, saying that those decisions were made “When it wasn’t popular.”

He said that the US would have ended up looking “like Canada or Australia” had Florida not taken charge.

“People are coming to Florida because they want Freedom,” he said.

“These are people who are fleeing leftist governments in this country and even around the world. People sometimes ask me, those people are moving here from blues states. Are they just gonna vote the same way and make our state a blue state basket case like the states they came from?” DeSantis said.

“Well, I got elected governor in 2018, there were almost 300,000 more registered Democrats in the state of Florida than Republicans. In Florida, I’ve never had more registered Republicans than Democrats in the history of our state.”


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