Democratic Lawmaker Attacks Constitutional Process For Electing Presidents Ahead of Expected Trump 2024 Run

Democratic Lawmaker Attacks Constitutional Process For Electing Presidents Ahead of Expected Trump 2024 Run

A long-serving Democratic congressman has proven anew that his party, not former President Donald Trump’s so-called “MAGA” movement, is the real threat to our constitutional republic.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, best known as a left-wing hack for his party and not for any particular piece of legislation seen as beneficial for a majority of Americans, told another left-wing hack, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, that our electoral college is “an accident waiting to happen.”

This is from someone who once taught ‘constitutional law.’

Raskin added that the system as a whole is “vulnerable” and that the Electoral College, in particular, had allowed for “strategic bad-faith actors” like Trump to become president.

“Final question for you. You were a constitutional law professor before you were a United States Congressman. I wanted to hear you talk about these different aspects of an inquiry or making the case here,” Hayes began, noting that the January 6th Committee — of which Raskin is part — doesn’t have any authority to prosecute Trump.

“Your committee doesn’t have criminal prosecutorial power, and nor should it, it’s a congressional committee,” he continued. “There’s a difference between what I would call the great crime of Donald Trump, which was a frontal assault on the core of American democracy, and whatever statutory violation of the U.S. code he may have committed. Sometimes, it can feel a little bit like a mismatch there, and I wanna know what you think about those two lanes.”

“Obviously, we’re gonna need some legislative changes to the criminal code, to account for, now the possibility of presidents taking a headlong rush at seizing the Presidency,” Raskin said. “But there are federal statutes out there that will do the job. We have course have seditious conspiracy. We have conspiracy to interfere with the federal proceeding, which I think everybody can agree took place here. After all, the whole chant was ‘stop the steal.’”

The Maryland Democrat went on to claim that the Capitol riot was planned beforehand.

“So, yeah, I think that we will have to look at some new federal statutory changes,” Raskin continued. “And we have to look at the way that the electoral system itself is vulnerable to strategic bad faith actors like Donald Trump. The Electoral College is an accident waiting to happen, and we have to deal with that at some point in American history. Why not now?”

The founders implemented the Electoral College so that large states did not dominate the smaller ones in presidential elections. The fear then is the same fear Americans should have today: What kind of unrest would there be in a majority of the country if a combination of four large states — California, New York, Texas, and Florida — decided presidential outcomes? Would Americans living in the other 46 states get tired of that at some point?

You bet they would.

By making thus-far unfounded allegations against Trump, the ‘constitutional law professor’ also defies our country’s most basic legal principle: The presumption of innocence until proven guilty. But that’s what counterrevolutionaries do: They demonize their political opponents and attack their country’s democratic processes when they feel their power is slipping away.

There definitely is a political party in our country that is threatening to destroy our electoral processes. But they aren’t ‘MAGA Republicans.’


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