Democrat NY Governor SHAMES Democrat NYC Mayor for Resisting Illegal Immigrants

Democrat NY Governor SHAMES Democrat NYC Mayor for Resisting Illegal Immigrants

New York Governor Kathy Hochul‘s legal team has criticized Mayor Eric Adams‘ handling of the migrant crisis that has strained the resources of New York City. In a detailed 12-page letter sent to the mayor’s office, Hochul’s lawyer, Faith E. Gay, accused the city of being slow to seek necessary regulatory changes and failing to inform the state about crucial decisions related to the crisis.

The letter emphasized the need for proactive and collaborative action between the city and the state to address the ongoing migrant crisis, which has incurred substantial financial costs. It highlighted the state’s substantial financial support for the city, amounting to nearly $1.5 billion, and underscored the importance of federal involvement in addressing the matter.

Hochul’s legal team raised concerns about the management of funds by the city’s main subcontractor and the decision to allow migrants to sleep on the streets outside the Roosevelt Hotel. The letter also questioned the sustainability of the city’s current approach and called for increased partnership and support from both state and national levels.

In response to the state’s letter, Deputy Mayor of Communications Fabien Levy acknowledged the city’s significant expenditure on the crisis, exceeding $1.7 billion with projections of up to $5 billion for the fiscal year. Levy appreciated the state’s efforts, including providing space at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Facility and promised funding.

Levy highlighted the magnitude of the crisis and urged the state to collaborate in preventing localities from hindering the relocation of asylum seekers. He emphasized the city’s efforts to provide shelter, services, and care to a substantial number of asylum seekers and underscored the need for additional support from state and national partners.


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