Dem. Congressman Dismisses Attacks on Churches Following Dobbs Abortion Decision

Dem. Congressman Dismisses Attacks on Churches Following Dobbs Abortion Decision

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the FACE Act, Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson completely downplayed attacks on churches following the Supreme Court’s Dobb’s decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, giving abortion rights back over to the states.

Johnson spoke arrogantly to Arielle Del Turco, the director of the Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty, where he frequently interrupted her and attempted to discredit her inclusion on the panel.

Johnson asked if there had been over 420 acts of hostility against pro-life pregnancy centers, to which Del Turco clarified that it was actually against churches.

Johnson seemed to conflate acts of hostility against churches with acts of violence against pro-life pregnancy centers.

Del Turco explained that both churches and pro-life pregnancy centers were covered in the FACE Act, but Johnson continued to interrupt her and insisted that the hearing was specifically about pro-life pregnancy centers, not churches.

He accused Republicans of including Del Turco on the panel to confuse the public by discussing churches.

During the exchange, Johnson asked Del Turco if her report noted any acts of murder, to which she responded that no, there was not.

Johnson appeared surprised when Del Turco mentioned bomb threats and a “pipe bomb incident” against churches. Johnson asked if there were any bombings, to which Del Turco responded, “I guess not.”

Johnson expressed his opposition to violence but stated that Del Turco’s testimony was more suited for another hearing, not the current one.

Congressman Mike Johnson, the subcommittee chairman, intervened and pointed out that the focus of the hearing was on pro-life pregnancy centers, as indicated in the title of the bill.

The incident occurred shortly after a pro-life pregnancy center in Orlando, Florida, called JMJ Pregnancy Center, was vandalized.

Photos obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital revealed a scene with a decapitated chicken, a lamb, and what appeared to be a pheasant on the center’s lawn.

The center’s director described it as a “ritualistic scene.”

It remains unclear whether the animals were mutilated at the location or if they were dumped after being mutilated elsewhere.

These attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers have been occurring nationwide, with radical abortion activists targeting these facilities.


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