Dating App OKCupid Adds ‘Pro-Choice’ Badge, Will Donate Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

Dating App OKCupid Adds ‘Pro-Choice’ Badge, Will Donate Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

The dating app OKCupid is making a statement against the anti-abortion ‘Heartbeat’ bill recently passed in Texas, and plans to fundraise for Planned Parenthood. Users of the app can now place a “pro-choice badge” on their profiles, “demonstrating [their] support of reproductive rights.”

OKCupid said in a statement, “Given the new, radical Texas law that essentially bans abortion access, it’s more important than ever to take a stand and we’ve found that our users want to be able to choose to filter for dates who are pro-choice more than they ever have before.”

For every profile that displays the badge, OKCupid will donate $1 to Planned Parenthood, up to $50,000. The company said that 88 percent of their users total, or 87 percent of men and 89 percent of women, say they support abortion access.

The Texas bill bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected in an ultrasound. Detection usually occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy. OkCupid said this summer there was an 18 percent increase in users in the United States writing that they are “pro-choice” on their profiles over last summer.

In order to make sure the pro-choice activists aren’t mismatched, if a person chooses to display the “pro-choice badge” on their profile, they can also filter their dating requirements to be matched with other profiles displaying the badge with the “Pro-Choice Stack.”

OKCupid’s obvious political leanings are clear as it boasts statistics of its users:

“We expect daters in the Pro-Choice Stack to increase their likes up to 10x; when we released the #ISupportPP profile badge in support of Planned Parenthood several years ago, men with the badge got 9x more likes than those who didn’t add it to their profile.”

OKCupid added that users who choose to display the badge may also be “9 percent more likely to have reported they are vaccinated with the I’m Vaccinated profile badge…37 percent more likely to be concerned about climate change, and Nearly 4x more likely to consider themselves a feminist.”


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