Dark Money Fund Raised Over $1.3 BILLION For Leftist Causes

Dark Money Fund Raised Over $1.3 BILLION For Leftist Causes

The largest left-wing dark money network, managed by Arabella Advisors, raised a staggering $1.3 billion in anonymous donations and funneled over $900 million into various progressive causes in 2022, according to tax filings reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Comprising five independent nonprofits—New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund, Hopewell Fund, and North Fund—the network reported $1.34 billion in revenue, with $937 million granted to other organizations. Despite its operational costs and internal initiatives, the network spent well over $1 billion supporting liberal causes.

Watchdog group Americans for Public Trust emphasized the overwhelming influence of the Arabella Advisors network on American politics, citing the $1.4 billion spent in 2022. The network’s structure allows it to hide donors and act as a fiscal sponsor for other left-wing nonprofits, maintaining secrecy about funding sources. The funds support progressive social issues, international development projects, climate initiatives, and programs related to technology, culture, and health.

New Venture Fund, the largest fund within the network, raised $735 million in revenue, granted over $500 million, and incurred total expenses of $825 million. Sixteen Thirty Fund received $190 million in grants while distributing $149 million. Windward Fund, focusing on environmental issues, raised $194 million in grants and distributed $164 million. Hopewell Fund, dedicated to mental health access, abortion rights, and economic empowerment, received $175 million in outside grants and spent $90 million on its own grants. North Fund, an advocacy nonprofit, raised $47 million and sent $26 million in grants.

The funds collectively sent over $52 million to Arabella Advisors for operational and management services. The network’s financial transactions, including wire transfers between funds, further obscured the destination and purpose of individual grants, contributing to concerns about transparency and accountability.


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