Dan Bongino Laughs Off Permanent YouTube Ban

Dan Bongino Laughs Off Permanent YouTube Ban

Dan Bongino told Jesse Watters all about his permanent ban from YouTube on Thursday, saying he had announced that he was leaving the censorious platform before YouTube implemented their lifetime ban. The entire segment can be watched below:

Bongino was banned from the platform on Wednesday shortly after announcing that he was leaving YouTube in a video.

Bongino told Watters:

“Yet you got Hunter Biden, you know, blowhole painting guy, who’s making paintings out of his blowhole, selling them for $500,000 dollars, who’s taking payoffs from in their own words the Chinese intel chief guy, and the mayor of Moscow’s wife for millions, and the media is like, ‘Ehh. I gotta go get some McDonalds. I got better things to do.'”

“You know, YouTube, it’s run by communists, of course. And they’re terrified of me because I’m an investor in another platform, Rumble, which actually believes in free speech. So they hate my guts. So they’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of me. So, Jesse, I dared! Dared question the efficacy of masks on their platform!

“So they went back to episodes I have done years ago, recategorized them, restricted them, suspended me. And then I went back and put a video on why I was leaving YouTube, and they banned me for a video … ‘Why I’m Leaving…’ It’s one of those, ‘You can’t quit—we’re gonna fire you!’

“I asked with masks, if masks work, then why aren’t masks working? You can’t say that on YouTube. The commies on YouTube don’t like it!”

Bongino’s last video, “Why I’m Leaving YouTube,” is an endorsement of Rumble, a platform that has made headlines recently for it’s free-speech friendly approach.

The Charlie Kirk Show will be streamed exclusively on Rumble for the foreseeable future, standing in solidarity with Bongino and in support of free speech, the sacred right of every American.

Other luminaries who have made Rumble their video platform of choice include Russell Brand, Dinesh D’Souza, and Rand Paul, all apparently agreeing with Bongino’s assertion that “YouTube is a disgrace.”


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