Dad Blows Up At Local 'Woke' School Board: 'God Is Going To Judge Every Last One Of You'

Dad Blows Up At Local 'Woke' School Board: 'God Is Going To Judge Every Last One Of You'

A North Carolina pastor and father blasted a local school board earlier this week over its prioritizing of ‘wokeness’ over students who are struggling.

“Luke 17:2 says, ‘It is better for a person to have a millstone tied around their neck and to be thrown into the sea than for anyone to harm or damage a child,’” John Amanchukwu said in a video that went viral online during remarks before the Wake County School Board.

“And so the question today to the school board is: only you know whether or not your role, the policies, the curriculum, and the things you allow in this school system in Wake County, only you know whether or not a millstone is tied around your neck,” he railed. “The reality is this: God is going to judge every last one of you for decisions that are made on behalf of children.”

He went on to rip the school board’s decision on expenditures, pointing out, “we spent $1 million on a ‘diversity office.’”

“How did that benefit black children? How did it benefit children in general?” he said. “Well, 78% of children in 3rd-8th grade, black students, are not proficient in math in Wake County.”

“We’re wasting taxpayer dollars putting money towards this diversity office that’s not benefitting those who need it the most,” he went on. “Sixty-six percent of 3rd-8th grade students are not proficient in reading.

“Black students, they’re not reading on grade level, they’re not performing mathematically, and they’re not going to be able to get jobs in fields like STEM. But we’re wasting money on a diversity, equity, and inclusion office while we are failing black students in the name of diversity!” he ripped.

“You know, in the Jim Crow era, black students were locked out of the public school system. But today they are trapped in and many of these students need options,” Amanchukwu said as he began wrapping up his remarks. “They need school choice, they need the opportunity to take their taxpayer dollars and take it to school systems that will benefit them and support them and educate them.

“And as we talk about inclusion and making sure that the trans student feels comfortable and the queer student feels comfortable, what does that have to do with reading, writing, and arithmetic? As we are teaching cultural Marxism and grooming children to be the next pervert, we are damaging our kids in this public school system, and it needs to stop,” he said.


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