CRINGE: Biden Takes A Knee In Front of NBA's Golden State Warriors

CRINGE: Biden Takes A Knee In Front of NBA's Golden State Warriors

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors made a visit to the White House on Tuesday, which featured a celebratory photo shoot with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

While the two stood in front of the team, the president decided to take a knee in front of team, while the vice president opted not to. The move from Biden gave the entire photoshoot a very awkward feel, as Biden took the knee for no obvious reason.

Biden took the knee as he faced photographers to make the shot complete. Athletes have been taking knees for much of the past decade to protest racial inequalities, in a movement started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick.

Biden’s kneeling had the crowd cheering. Harris laughed as Biden took the knee, and made it clear that she would not be be joining. He stood between two warriors players instead.

At a press conference, Curry said that “the place sports has in bringing people together from all walks of life, all backgrounds,” thanking Biden for his work in returning WNBA player Brittney Griner from a penal colony in Russia.

In 2017, the Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals and received an invitation to celebrate with then-president Donald Trump, but the offer was rescinded after members of the squad, including Curry, voiced objection to the proposed visit.

Trump went on to publicly state that he believed athletes should be fired if they “disrespect our Great American Flag” by not standing for the national anthem.


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