Congress Pressured to Subpoena Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs as Democrats Stonewall Effort

Congress Pressured to Subpoena Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs as Democrats Stonewall Effort

Calls for Congress to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs have intensified, with Rep. Tim Burchett urging the House Oversight Committee to take action, Fox News Digital reports.

Burchett expressed concern about the involvement of powerful and well-known individuals in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, emphasizing the right of the American people to know and the victims’ right to justice.

The Tennessee Republican accused Senate Democrats, including Sen. Marsha Blackburn, of blocking efforts to subpoena the flight logs, describing it as a “partisan issue” and urging Republicans to show leadership. Blackburn had initially sought to subpoena the records in November, linking it to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s targeting of Supreme Court justices.

However, her efforts were thwarted during a hearing on November 30, which she blamed on Sen. Dick Durbin, the committee chair.

The failure to subpoena the flight logs has raised questions about what Democrats may be trying to hide, with accusations of stonewalling and reluctance to address the issue of Jeffrey Epstein’s human trafficking ring. The Democratic aide to the committee clarified that Durbin was willing to allow debate on the subpoena authorization, but Republicans engaged in filibustering, preventing Blackburn from offering the first amendment.

The flight logs, often associated with Epstein’s plane “The Lolita Express,” were allegedly used to transport underage girls to various locations, including his private island.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, faced charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy, pleading not guilty in 2019 and subsequently found dead in his jail cell. The renewed push for the subpoena stems from the desire to identify individuals who may have been associated with Epstein’s criminal activities.

Notable figures, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, have been linked to Epstein’s plane, although there is currently no evidence suggesting their involvement in criminal activities related to Epstein’s actions. The push for transparency and accountability in Epstein’s case continues, with concerns about potential cover-ups or omissions in exposing the full extent of those involved.


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