Comedian Alex Stein Emotionally Addresses Spitting Incident at Penn State

Comedian Alex Stein Emotionally Addresses Spitting Incident at Penn State

Alex Stein, a comedian known for brutally mocking the insanity of left-wing culture at city council meetings, emotionally addressed an incident on Tuesday that occurred at Penn State University recently involving a young woman who spat on him.

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s program, Stein, a well-known provocateur, explained that his appearance at the university with Gavin McInnes was canceled after a huge protest that included him being spit on.

Before bringing in Stein, Carlson played a clip of the spitting incident: “If you haven’t seen this video, pay close attention to the girl who spits on Alex Stein and ask yourself if you can’t picture her wearing a Khmer Rouge uniform executing people. You probably can.”


“Is that okay at Penn State, spitting on people?” Carlson asked, “Well, we asked the president of Penn State, Neeli Bendapudi, who makes $1.3 million a year at a public university, about that–seems like criminal behavior on her campus–what do you think of this? But she wouldn’t say. She’s taking a pass. Apparently, she endorses it.”

He then brought in Stein.

“This is an indoctrination camp. From middle school to high school to college, these kids are radicalized to have these leftist ideologies that are not beneficial to society. So these people actually, literally spit and assault us in public and they’re defended by their administrator. So this is the sad reality which we live in,” Stein said.

He then got somewhat emotional as he continued.

“A lot of people after this protest footage went viral, they say, ‘Alex, you’re fearless. Don’t you get scared when you go in front of these protesters?’ and I wanna say this: Today is October 25, I don’t want to get emotional. My mother died one year ago today, and she died in my arms from the protocols in the hospital, given Remdesivir without my authority.

“So watching my mom die, there’s nothing scarier than that,” he added. “So me seeing a bunch of idiot college kids spit on me and yell at me, I have no fear, and that’s what I want to try to express to the people out there. She spit on me, but the government and these people that are in power are spitting on us every day and telling us it’s raining. So all I want to do is try to wake people up to the harsh reality which we live in, Tucker.”



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