Democrat City Council Member Whines After Being Slammed For Selling 'Defund God' And 'Abort Republicans' Stickers

Democrat City Council Member Whines After Being Slammed For Selling 'Defund God' And 'Abort Republicans' Stickers

There appear to be no limits to which some Democrats will not sink. No boundaries as to what lines they will not cross.

Portland, Maine City Council member Andrew Zarro, who owns a coffee shop in Portland called “Little Woodfords,” proved that by taking his low-class antics to the extreme.

On his Instagram account, he promotes stickers that he sells in his shop with phrases like “Defund God”, “Abort Republicans”, and “thank you for making me a godless heaux”.

More hilarious, however, is that he also has posts on his Instagram account talking about how “inclusive” his shop is.

Which proves that many Democrats do not actually know what the word “inclusive means.”

He sells posters that read “All Are Welcome Here”, and “All races, classes, ages, religions, bodies, abilities, genders, identities, sexual orientations, countries of origin are welcome here.”

Of note is that none of the posters include “political affiliation” as something that is included at his shop.

Other stickers that the company whose products he promotes sell those that include phrases that say “Just Say No to God & Guns,” “what if prison was only for cops”, and posters that say “all hail satan.”

On his Instagram account he issued a press release saying that he believes the attacks on him and his business have to do with the mask mandate that he penned and that the city council passed this week, WTMW reported.

The Portland City Council passed a universal mask mandate for indoor businesses and public buildings Monday by a unanimous 9-0 vote.

The mandate will take effect at midnight Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Councilor Andrew Zarro, the main sponsor of the ordinance, based the mandate largely off of the one recently passed in Burlington, Vermont.

Houses of worship and schools would not fall under the supervision of the mandate. Gyms, theaters and sports venues have a limited exemption only if the performers or exercisers are vaccinated and are separated from an audience or the public by space, a barrier or by a ventilation system.

Businesses will have the option of forgoing the mask mandate by requiring COVID-19 vaccinations instead, though a wider vaccine mandate was not discussed. The council voted to define “vaccinated” using the CDC’s definition of being two weeks after a final dose.

“Shortly after the vote, a group of anti-mask, anti-science, anti-vaccine people blew a dog whistle to their co-conspirators and called on them to make an example out of me by attacking my shop, Little Woodfords, a private business,” he said.

“I have now received direct threats to my shop and harm to our bodies, vicious homophobic and personal attacks, more malicious and fictitious reviews, along with promises to make me close my shop permanently in 2022, as several of these people are calling for a boycott of our shop,” he said.

He said that one local group is “organizing a campaign asking people to draft a letter to the Council removing me from elected office, and then bash my business.”

He then addressed the sticker packs he sold in his store.

“These sticker packs were a direct response to the national attacks on Roe V Wade by Republicans and all proceeds were given to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. I continue to stand by a person’s right to abortion,” he said.


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