Chicago's Lori Lightfoot Ripped Over 'Hypocrisy' of Busing Migrants to GOP Suburb

Chicago's Lori Lightfoot Ripped Over 'Hypocrisy' of Busing Migrants to GOP Suburb

Chicago’s Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is a massive hypocrite who should be publicly called out for what she just did with a group of illegal immigrants, according to the major of a Windy City suburb.

Last week, Lightfoot ripped GOP Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for sending dozens of migrants to Chicago by bus, in part because Lightfoot has declared the city a “sanctuary” for people who cross into the country illegally.

“Abbott added Chicago to his list of cities receiving volunteer migrants that cross into the state over the U.S. southern border. The immigrants claim asylum and are released into the U.S. while they await their scheduled immigration court hearing,” The Daily Wire reported.

That led Lightfoot to slam the Lone Star State governor.

“There could be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he chooses to do none of those things. Instead, he chooses to send human beings across the country to an uncertain destination. That’s unacceptable,” she said at a press conference.

In other words, she complained about Abbott busing illegal migrants to her city — but she turned around and bused many of them to the suburb of Burr Ridge, which just happens to be run by a Republican governor who called her out for massive hypocrisy.

“We’re more than happy for people to find freedom, it is hypocrisy by the mayor of Chicago to complain about the governor of Texas – I do agree with what he’s doing – the city of Chicago says it’s going to be a sanctuary city which I oppose – but there must be vacant hotel rooms in Chicago,” Mayor Gary Grasso told Fox News.

“This is hundreds of people in a city of millions. Why are they sending them out to the Republican suburbs? You have to wonder,” he added.

He said his city’s previous generosity toward Afghan refugees “does not give carte blanche to the governor or the mayor to send a couple of busloads of migrants to our village without telling us.”

“The border situation on the southern border is a totally different situation than Afghan refugees. It’s total arrogance for the state to assume they can send migrants to the suburbs around Chicago,” Grasso noted further in his interview.

A spokesman for Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, told Chicago’s WGN9 that the migrants were sent to the Burr Ridge Hampton Inn under a previous agreement to use the hotel for Afghan refugees. They will be there for at least a month, the report added.

“The state has a prior relationship with the hotel being used in the suburbs and their staff has done amazing work welcoming refugees and asylum seekers before, so it is interesting that local officials are choosing this specific instance to gripe to the press about this specific group of asylum seekers that consists of about 30 families,” Jordan Abudayyeh, a spokesperson for Pritzker, said. “Gov. Pritzker has made it clear that Illinois is a welcoming state and xenophobia has no home here.”

Note that the state has the agreement with the hotel, not the city of Burr Ridge, whose officials obviously had no say in the situation. And notice, too, that no migrants or refugees are being hosted by the governor at his taxpayer-supported residence. Or at Mayor Lightfoot’s home.

This is typical of Democrats: Make commitments that other people have to fulfill. Be generous with other people’s money and resources.


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