Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Releases CRINGE Political Ad

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Releases CRINGE Political Ad

On Tuesday, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot released a campaign ad and was promptly called out over her claim that she “delivered” to the Windy City while in office.

The ad, which has since been viewed nearly 50,000 times on Twitter alone, was criticized by everyone from political pundits to pizza connoisseurs.

The ad begins with two guys, Felix and Oscar, sitting on the couch in a rather messy apartment watching a news report about Lightfoot.

“Has Lightfoot done anything?” Felix asks, switching the TV off.

“Given the mess she was dealt, Lori is delivering,” Oscar replies. “Chicago’s number one for corporate expansion and ranked best American city. She even got 5,000 new Google jobs, and she was cool during COVID.”

Just as Oscar rips open his flannel to reveal a shirt depicting Lightfoot with the text, “Stay Home Save Lives,” the doorbell rings.

Felix opens the door and screams as he comes face to face with the mayor herself, holding a pizza and a book titled, “Lightfoot Delivers.”

“Did you order thousands of new jobs and a pepperoni?” she asks.

“Told you she delivers,” Oscar tells the still shocked Felix.

There are many theories as to why Felix looked less than pleased when he opened the door. According to Eater Chicago, it could be because the pizza had pepperoni on it, not Italian sausage, the Windy City’s topping of choice.

“While places around town increasingly serve pepperoni from Ezzo Sausage in Columbus, Ohio,” Eater reports, “there is no Pepperoni King of Chicago. But then again, Lightfoot was born in Ohio.”

The outlet also called attention to the box, which was far too thin to accommodate a traditional Chicago deep-dish pie.

FOX News contributor Gianno Caldwell took a more serious tone in his critique of the ad, suggesting that Lightfoot “should just resign in disgrace.”

“We had the highest murder rate in Chicago last year in twenty-five years,” he continued. “You think about the rate of poverty in which young kids in Chicago are facing, the national average is 16 percent. In Chicago, it is 23 percent.”

Caldwell went on to note that the crisis of violence has become “insurmountable” for many Chicago families, and urged the FBI to step in and take control of the situation.

The city will hold its mayoral election on February 28, and Lightfoot is facing a growing list of competitors.


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