Chad Wolf: Biden's Open Border Policies Are Putting All American Lives At Risk

Chad Wolf: Biden's Open Border Policies Are Putting All American Lives At Risk

Former acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf ripped President Joe Biden’s lawless border policies on Sunday, noting that there has been an increase in Border Patrol encounters with individuals who are on the U.S. terrorism watchlist.

Biden has “continued to lead from behind” in the years of his presidency, and as a result, “we have a war in Israel, one in Ukraine, and other hostilities breaking out across the world,” and with a porous U.S. border, all Americans are at risk of being harmed or killed by a terrorist infiltrator.

“We know the enemies of Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others are also the enemy of Americans,” Wolf said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.”

“When you have a wide open southern border and you have other things going on here in the homeland, we have to understand that what happens overseas does not always stay overseas, and it impacts the homeland, so we’re on a couple of different fronts here overseas and at home that we need to be secure,” the former Trump administration official added.

R.J. Hauman, president of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement who appeared with Wolf, said that the attack on Israel “provides a terrifying reminder of what can happen at a border that was billed as the most secure.”

Whether the U.S. will be next depends in large part on Biden reversing his open borders policies and allowing millions into the U.S., “including many military-aged men from adversarial countries.”

The Biden administration, Hauman noted further, has obviously decided that the solution is “more refugee resettlement and money to ramp up processing at the border.”

“That’s not the answer,” he said. “They need to wake up, and so does Congress because there are a lot of sleeper terrorist cells in this country who may wake up as well.”

Meanwhile, the administration has “changed the optics as well as the policies at the border,” and “that has been proven to be a failure,” Wolf noted.

“They have taken deterrence out of the system,” he said, a reference to the administration’s policy of releasing illegal migrants into the country.

“What you need along that border is a fundamental understanding that there are bad people and there are bad things coming into this country every single day,” said Wolf. “If you don’t have an enforcement policy and posture with Border Patrol agents and other assets along that border, then you’re going to get what we have today, which is an uncontrolled border.”

Wolf also said that with everything happening, “you would think that you’d want to ramp up security now with all of this happening, but it doesn’t appear to be the case right now.”


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