California Teen Calls Out State's Failing Education System And Focus On 'Wokeness'

California Teen Calls Out State's Failing Education System And Focus On 'Wokeness'

Jordan Brace, a high school student in California, criticized the state’s approach to education, calling it a “failure” in comments to Fox News this week.

During an appearance on “Fox News @ Night” on Wednesday, Brace stated that her state’s math and reading rankings, 33rd and 38th respectively, are far too low. California was ranked 38th overall for Pre-K through 12th-grade education, according to U.S. News and World Report, Fox News noted, citing the data.

In her op-ed, Brace said: “It seems like the entire California Department of Education is more focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and their woke ideologies than giving students a proper education.”

“I feel that kids my age and just all throughout our country are now being exposed to diversity, equity and inclusion rather than conservative values and things that they should be learning about,” went on to tell Fox host Trace Gallagher. “Instead of focusing on DEI and things that are being used to divide us, we should be focusing more on students’ education and making sure that they have the skills and tools that they need to have a successful future.”

Jill Simonian, outreach director for PragerU Kids, warned that California’s education system is failing to teach students the fundamentals needed to become informed adults, describing it further as “terrifying,” though she said Brace’s op-ed provided some hope.

“It really proves that young people are intelligent, and they are catching on to this, and they’re not going to have it anymore,” Simonian told Fox.

Brace then broadened her argument to encompass the Department of Education as a whole, emphasizing the importance of young people looking to their parents as role models and sources of guidance.

“I honestly think that this school system is not only failing students, but parents too. They’re taking away not only their rights to their children’s education, but their rights to their lives at home. I mean, parents who aren’t allowing their children to go ahead and transition their genders and stuff are being called domestic terrorists, and I think that’s absolutely ridiculous,” she explained.

Simonian agreed with that.

“It’s our job to become educated and informed citizens of this country,” Simonian said. “And our school system, not only in California but nationwide, we are the only school system that is actively teaching our children to hate this country and to divide each other by differences. It’s shameful.”


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