California Continues to Lose Population to Another Surprising Red State: Arkansas

California Continues to Lose Population to Another Surprising Red State: Arkansas

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom likes to tout his state and its many attributes such as a big economy and great weather, but under his watch, as well as the ‘leadership’ of a Democratic state legislative supermajority, they are collectively responsible for losing the most residents in the shortest amount of time.

That’s because more than anything else, California is becoming known more for its high crime areas, its sky-high cost of living, and its nightmare regulatory environment.

Former residents of the Golden State have fled by the hundreds of thousands to less-regulated, less-taxed red states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee — and now Arkansas, according to GOP Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The reason is simple: People are “just tired. Tired of the lockdowns, tired of the crime, tired of the preening politicians who won’t do anything to address the real issues they’re facing.”

In an opinion piece published by Fox News, Sanders addressed the reason why Arkansas “has received a steady influx of new residents for years.”

“Today, there are thousands of California refugees – and thousands more from other states – in our state,” she wrote, adding that “about 32,000 new people moved to Arkansas, about 10% of them from California.”

“That’s because my administration is focused on the reforms that will make Arkansas the best state in the country to live, work and raise a family,” added the former Trump administration press secretary, citing policies like universal school choice, cutting taxes “not once, but twice,” and “making historic investments in outdoor recreation.”

“We’re cracking down on crime, getting woke nonsense out of our schools, and keeping kids safe online,” Sanders wrote.

She went on to explain that it is “nearly 40% cheaper to live in Little Rock than in Los Angeles. Housing is about 60% less expensive; health care is 15% cheaper,” and the tax rate – which continues to decrease, which is but a third of what Californians have to pay.

“But moving to Arkansas isn’t just a pocketbook decision – it’s about quality of life as well,” she continued. “As 48 million people discovered for themselves in 2022, Arkansas is, for good reason, the Natural State.”


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