Calif. Mother Sues School District Over Secret Transgender Policy

Calif. Mother Sues School District Over Secret Transgender Policy

A California mother has filed suit against a local school district alleging her 14th Amendment rights were abused and violated because her 11-year-old daughter was supposedly pressured to not only adopt a transgender identity but to then keep it secret from her parent.

According to Newsmax, the suit was filed by Aurora Regino on Jan. 6 against Superintendent Kelly Staley and five school board members of the Chico Unified School District in northern California after she retained the services of the Center for American Liberty. The lawsuit seeks an injunction against the district’s “Parental Secrecy Policy.”

The lawsuit said the policy calls on schools in the district to push students to question their own gender identity and sexuality, “facilitating their social transition to a new gender identity, and integrating this new person into the school ecosystem, all without informing or receiving consent from their parents.”

Newsmax added:

The complaint claims Regino’s daughter, referred to as A.S., was 11 when her public school transitioned her to a male identity behind her mother’s back. In the fall of 2021, when A.S. was in fifth grade, she began feeling depressed and anxious. The complaint said A.S. took her school counselor’s advice and began to think those feelings were caused by her being born a different gender.

The counselor invited A.S. to an arts-and-crafts club with other girls in her school and after a few meetings, A.S. “came out” to her counselor as transgender, the lawsuit said. The school counselor and teachers at the school started calling A.S. by a male name, using male pronouns and treating her as if she were a different person, all without her mother’s knowledge.

When the mother discovered what was going on and confronted school officials, they supported the counselor and said the policy was in line with state law, AB 1266, stating that schools must allow students to take part in sports and use facilities like bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, not necessarily their biological gender. However, the law doesn’t have any language regarding the Chino school district’s policy.

“If the school system thinks this is the law, then someone needs to stand up for our children and let them know how wrong and damaging it is,” Regino said in a press release provided by The Center for American Liberty. “Our rights as parents do not stop as soon as we drop our children off at school.”

Harmeet Dhillon, founder of The Center for American Liberty, said in a press release: “The district’s policy of transitioning kids behind their parents’ backs is radical gender-ideology at its worst. For the government to assume this role is both unconstitutional and reprehensible.”

A.S. has once again begun identifying as a girl and is now in middle school, the report said. However, Regino has another younger daughter attending school in the district and no assurances that the same thing won’t happen again.

“In the Chico Unified School District, children as young as 5 years old can transition to a different gender in secret from their parents,” Josh Dixon, director of litigation for The Center for American Liberty, said in the release. “This act of ‘social transitioning’ is powerful psychological treatment that often leads to … procedures like puberty blockers and even surgery.”


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