Bold New Ad From Former Trump Official's Group Asks: 'When Did Racism Against White People Become Okay?'

Bold New Ad From Former Trump Official's Group Asks: 'When Did Racism Against White People Become Okay?'

A bold new campaign ad ahead of the crucial midterm elections asks a question that likely has been on the minds of many Americans, regardless of skin color: “When did racism against white people become okay?”

The radio ad was produced by America First Legal, a group founded by former top Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

“When did racism against white people become okay?” asks the narrator with ominous music playing in the background. “Joe Biden put white people last in line for COVID relief funds. Kamala Harris said disaster aid should go to non-white citizens first. Liberal politicians block access to medicine based on skin color. Progressive corporations, airlines, universities all openly discriminate against white Americans. Racism is always wrong. The left’s anti-white bigotry must stop. We are all entitled to equal treatment under the law.”

The board of directors for the group includes several Trump administration officials, such as former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

The group’s website notes further: “America First Legal is the long-awaited answer to the ACLU. We are committed to an unwavering defense of true equality under law, national borders and sovereignty, freedom of speech and religion, classical values and virtues, the sanctity of life and centrality of family, and our timeless legal and constitutional heritage. Through relentless litigation and oversight we will protect America First, Last, and Always.”

Not surprisingly, left-wing journalists took umbrage at the ad. Meredith McGraw wrote at Politico that it is “one of the most openly race-based spots of the cycle, amplifying tropes that have historically been used to generate backlash to minority groups.”

In explaining the ad, Gene Hamilton, a vice president at America First Legal, told Politico: “As our educational advertisements explain, racism is always wrong – regardless of who it is targeted against. …The educational advertisements that AFL is running simply inform the American people about something they all know to be true in 2022, but that major news outlets fail to report on.”

BizPac Review added:

The ad is not America First Legal’s first foray into the subject of racism against white people. The group filed a lawsuit earlier this year in New York against the Department of Health’s guideline for Covid-19 treatment, which stated, incredibly, that “Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as longstanding systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19.”

AFL also filed FOIA lawsuits that forced the release of the administration’s Equity Action Plans for the pandemic.

The group has also produced mailers that said: “Joe Biden and left-wing officials are engaged in widespread racial discrimination against white and Asian Americans … even though it’s against the law.”


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