School Board Members Run From Their Own Meeting As Asian Mom's Shout 'Racist'

School Board Members Run From Their Own Meeting As Asian Mom's Shout 'Racist'

Members of the Fairfax County, Virginia school board ran out of its own meeting when Asian parents started chanting “racist” at them.

It came after a federal judge ruled that the board violated the law by pushing Asian students out of its magnet math and science school and has decided not to go back to merit-based admissions but appeal the ruling by the judge, The Daily Wire reported.

The Thomas Jefferson School For Science and Technology once had the highest math scores in the country, but after the school board determined that that was not “equitable,” they jettisoned the math test used for admission in favor of a process based on how “disadvantaged” students were. The result was that the famed school had to begin offering remedial math.

“For the last two years you have been trying to make us invisible, but a federal judge has ruled that in fact you are going to go down in history just like I told you you would, just like the school board in Brown vs. Board,” Indian-born mother Asra Nomani said. “You are the new face of racism.”

She brought with her copies of “Race To The Bottom,” a book by Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter for The Daily Wire, which talks about this school board in particular.

“I have here a copy of a book for each one of you, Race To The Bottom. And you are all in this book. A book for you Karen Corbett Sanders, a book for you Stella Pekarsky, a book for you Abrar Omeish,” she said as the crowd cheered. “All of you have failed us. I have all of these books, I hope you read them from cover to cover and see yourself in the pages of history — as failures.”

A security guard then approached the woman as the crowd began chanting “racist” and the board called for a recess.

“You have caused us pain. There are people here who have survived the Cultural Revolution. Yuyan stood in Tiananmen Square… I am a woman of color but you don’t care, do you. You’ll bring all of the white security guards… We, the Asians, don’t matter to you… We’re supposed to be the good, obedient Asians, that’s what you expect of us, don’t you. Especially women,” the mom said.

“Your equity plan didn’t think about the Asians, did you. We were on the wrong side of brown for you,” she said.

After the board left she began to read from Chapter 5 of the book about the Fairfax County school board.

“In this new era, school board members took their seats to pursue a variety of agendas, none of which had to do with education,” she said, but the board did not stay to listen.


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