BLM Activist "World’s Sexiest Albino" Faces Charges Over $500K Fund Misuse

BLM Activist "World’s Sexiest Albino" Faces Charges Over $500K Fund Misuse

Tyree Conyers-Page, known for his role in “American Horror Story” and his involvement in Black Lives Matter activism, is facing serious legal trouble, The Post Millennial reports.

The actor has been charged with wire fraud and two counts of money laundering, accused of misappropriating $500,000 from a GoFundMe campaign meant to support racial justice initiatives.

The allegations revolve around a campaign initiated by Page in 2020 under the guise of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta.

The fundraiser, launched in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, garnered significant attention and contributions from over 1,000 donors.

“In June 2020, BLMGA’s social media page received approximately $36,493.80 in donations; in July 2020, it received approximately $370,933.69 in donations; and in August 2020, an additional $59,914.69 in donations.”

However, authorities claim that rather than using the funds for their intended purpose, Page diverted them to support what they describe as a “lavish lifestyle.”

While Page’s defense attorney asserts that some money went towards a community project, testimony from an FBI agent suggests otherwise, revealing expenditures on personal expenses and a residential property.

This isn’t the first instance of controversy surrounding Black Lives Matter activists and financial mismanagement.

In 2022, it emerged that the movement’s co-founders had redirected millions of dollars towards the purchase of an extravagant mansion, prompting criticism from donors who expected their contributions to benefit worthy causes.


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