Black Lefty Journalist Refuses Hershel Walker's Offer To Meet, 'Break Bread' Together After Attack

Black Lefty Journalist Refuses Hershel Walker's Offer To Meet, 'Break Bread' Together After Attack

Though former President Donald Trump sometimes wrote some ‘mean tweets,’ his Democrat detractors are far angrier and unhinged than he has ever been, as evidenced again this week by the behavior of a perpetually angry black left-wing columnist for The Nation.

Elie Mystal refused an offer from Georgia GOP Senate candidate Hershel Walker to meet with him and “break bread” after the journalist savaged him in a recent column.

The Blaze notes:

Walker, a legendary former University of Georgia running back and NFL star, is the current frontrunner for the GOP Senate nomination in Georgia. Former President Donald Trump heavily lobbied for Walker to enter politics and has endorsed his campaign, but state Republicans have expressed concerns that as a political novice, Walker will struggle against Democratic attacks on his past struggles with mental illness and exaggerated business record.

Mystal, himself no stranger to making racist remarks, brutally attacked Walker’s Senate campaign in a column declaring he “is an animated caricature of a Black person drawn by white conservatives.”

“Walker is what they think of us, and they think we’re big, ignorant, and easily manipulated,” Mystal, who is black, claimed. “They think we’re shady or criminal. They think we’re tools to be used. The Walker campaign exists as a political minstrel show: a splashy rendition of what white Republicans think Black people look and sound like.”

He then got personal, writing that Walker “displays a level of ignorance that would embarrass most sixth graders.”

“The modern Republican Party has proven that being an ignorant know-nothing who exists as a pure grievance candidate with no policies or platform is not a deal breaker for Republican voters,” Mystal claimed before throwing more insults GOP voters in Georgia and elsewhere.

On Thursday, Walker was asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the race-tinged attacks and asked to respond.

“I know I signed up for this when I decided to run,” the former NFL great said.

“It doesn’t matter what he called me,” Walker said before going on to rip Democratic policies as wrong for Georgians. “I was bullied when I was a little kid. Words are not going to hurt me right now.”

“I’m the most qualified candidate for this race right now and I’m the most qualified candidate to represent Georgia as a United State Senator. So it doesn’t matter what you say. I know what I’ve done,” he argued.

“I’m not going to have you bully me, because you can’t,” he said before reaching out and making an offer to Mystal: “What I would love to do for you to take the time to come down to Georgia, we sit down and break bread.”

“I’m about bringing people together, not separating people, when it seems like you are … that’s not Herschel Walker,” he concluded.

Mystal cowardly declined Walker’s offer and attempted to couch it in a disagreement over policy.

“I’m not looking for a Senator, not a god***n buddy,” Mystal wrote on Twitter.

“I do not care, nor should anyone else, if Walker if fun to have a beer with. We should care about Walker’s policies. And when you look at Walker’s policies, we find the MAGA gobbledygook stew, injected with Covid misinformation, drizzled in grievance, served on a bed of lies,” he continued.

“So *sadly*, I must decline Walker’s offer and this transparent attempt to distract people from his own cowardice and unwillingness to defend his policies in public. I respect the people of Georgia more than he does, and will not use this clown to raise my profile at their expense,” he said.

What a hater.



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