Bill Maher Makes Stunning Prediction About Trump: 'He’s Going to Have the People in Place This Time...'

Bill Maher Makes Stunning Prediction About Trump: 'He’s Going to Have the People in Place This Time...'

HBO’s “Real Time” host, Bill Maher, is predicting that former President Donald Trump will once again become President Donald Trump, but did so with his usual penchant for overstatement.

In an interview on far-left MSNBC, where some of the most outrageous left-wing extremists say some of the most outrageous and racist things, Maher claimed that Trump will ‘win’ even if he loses because he’ll have “people in place” to “pull off a coup.”

He told host Ari Melber:

So everyone’s sort of acting like this is a normal time, but it’s not. Once they win, the die is cast… They basically don’t believe in democracy. They don’t believe that the person with the most votes wins – unless he’s on our side.

Ok, so this is what Trump has been doing behind the scenes, wanting to put these people in place, because let me tell you something, Ari. On January 20th – my birthday – 2025, he’s going to show up at the inauguration whether he’s on the list or not. He’s going to show up. But this time he’s going to have this army of election deniers that he has put in place. I mean, people don’t slide into authoritarianism necessarily with tanks in the street.

Like most liberals, Maher needs to be reminded that our founding fathers pointedly rejected electing presidents by a simple majority — they are elected via the Electoral College so that presidential contenders have to take the entire country into consideration when running for the country’s highest elected office, not simply the most populous states and regions.

Continuing, Maher suggested that Democrats do not really know what they are up against.

“People haven’t gotten it, I don’t think,” he said. “This ship of state has hit the iceberg. But we’re still like, acting like it’s normal like they did on the Titanic. ‘Oh, what was that?’ And they went back to drinking champagne. But really, the ship was going to go down.”

Another reminder: His party is the one that sought to ‘federalize’ all elections under the phony guise of ‘electoral reform’ and fake claims that Republicans were trying to ‘disenfranchise’ voters (mostly minorities — a typical lib lie). The changes would have essentially put Democrats in power perpetually. So much for ‘democracy.’

Maher then predicted that Republicans would retake both chambers of Congress and would then launch a series of oversight hearings aimed at the Biden administration’s policies.

“And then – again – Trump is not going to accept no for an answer,” he continued. “And he’s going to have the people in place this time who will allow him to pull off this coup.”

For his part, Melber asked Maher to explain himself.

“Your warning is they’re going to run quasi-normal,” the MSNBC host said. “Crime, prices, and then they’re going to govern totally fascist?”

“Well, but the Democrats are running normal, too,” Maher replied. “That’s what I’m saying. Nobody is meeting the moment. Nobody has realized that we are already in a completely different paradigm. And this happened in many other countries, and it seems to be happening now. This is the ‘It can’t happen to us’ moment, but it’s happening to us.”

Voters are about to punish the real fascists — the left-wing Democratic leaders and governors who locked them down for a year-and-a-half over a virus that had a 99 percent survival rate.


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