Biden's Energy Secretary Says Poor, Middle Class Americans Can Beat Inflation With Solar Panel Purchases

Biden's Energy Secretary Says Poor, Middle Class Americans Can Beat Inflation With Solar Panel Purchases

Nothing quite says “out of touch establishment” like recent remarks by Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

The Canadian-born Granholm, a former Democratic governor of Michigan, dismissed ordinary Americans’ concerns about the historic inflation during her boss’ term, suggesting that all they have to do is invest in expensive ‘green energy’ alternatives like solar panels to beat the price increases at the gas pump and grocery store.

In an interview with Fox News’ Trace Gallagher on Sunday, the topic of discussion turned to the newly-passed and grossly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act,” which has been adjudged even by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to have little impact on high prices now or in the future — but it could lead to even more inflation, ironically, because the Democrat-passed bill dumps hundreds of billions more dollars into a U.S. economy already starved for goods.

The measure does contain subsidies for green energy items, but most Americans can’t afford them right now — “tax breaks for adding solar panels, energy-efficient windows, heat pumps.”

Gallagher played a video clip of Americans reacting to a $7,500 tax credit in the spending measure for the purchase of an electric vehicle, with most saying they could not afford to buy one in the first place thanks in large part to the fact that EVs are much higher priced, in general, than combustible engine vehicles. He then asked Granholm how she would respond to that.

“Number one, for your home, yes, there are significant incentives in this bill — which is great — to reduce people’s energy costs on a monthly basis,” Granholm began.

“If you are low income, you can get your home entirely weatherized through the expansion from the bipartisan infrastructure laws, a significant expansion — you don’t have to pay for anything,” she claimed.

“If you are moderate income, today you can get 30 percent off the price of solar panels. Those solar panels can be financed, so you don’t have to have the big outlay at the front,” Granholm added.

Financed — though again, most Americans likely don’t want or can’t afford another monthly payment, one that would either outpace or be the same as the amount of money they were saving on their electric bill.

And let’s not forget that this legislation actually could be called the “China Subsidy Act” given that the majority of batteries and solar panels for EVs and homes are produced there.

As for the domestic electricity that would be used to charge EVs, the majority of it is produced by fossil fuel-burning plants.

“If you don’t qualify for the weatherization program, you will be able to, starting next year, get rebates on the appliances and equipment that will help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 30 percent. This is all about reducing costs for people,” Granholm added.

An analysis by The Western Journal hits the nail on the head:

Americans who can’t pay for gas, food and their mortgage are being told by Granholm that their lives will be made easier by paying for gas, food, their mortgage and solar panels because those solar panels are 30 percent off and can be financed. This is seriously their message — that paying 70 percent of something you can’t afford will allow you to afford it in the long run because it’ll cut your energy bill.

This may seem like a sick joke. Unfortunately, the joke’s on us.

And let’s not forget the fact that, once again, Democrats are playing class warfare with their legislation, favoring some Americans over others based on socioeconomic status.

The Democratic Party is increasingly out of touch with ordinary Americans, and they prove it daily.


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