As Inflation Rages And U.S. Border Remains Chaotic, Dem-Controlled House Passes Bill LGBTQ Presidential Bill

As Inflation Rages And U.S. Border Remains Chaotic, Dem-Controlled House Passes Bill LGBTQ Presidential Bill

Judging by the legislation the Democrat-controlled House is focusing on this week, you’d think that every other problem in the country had been solved.

Inflation…controlled. Gasoline and diesel prices…down to earth. Food prices…affordable. The U.S. southwest border…secure.

None of those things is true, mind you, but no matter; Democrats pressed ahead with the passage of legislation ‘guaranteeing’ that LGBTQ Americans can be president — as if they were somehow banned from running as it is (they are if they weren’t born in the country but that’s another issue).

The House passed a bill on Tuesday that seeks to revise federal law and clarify that women and LGBTQ Americans can be president of the United States,” The Hill reported. “The legislation, dubbed the 21st Century President Act, passed by voice vote. It also passed the House by voice vote in the last Congress.”

“The bill specifically takes issue with a portion of U.S. code that pertains to threats against presidents, former presidents and certain other individuals,” the report continued. “As currently written, the statute defines ‘immediate family’ as ‘the wife of a former President during his lifetime, the widow of a former President until her death or remarriage, and minor children of a former President until they reach sixteen years of age’.”

“But under the legislation that passed on Tuesday, that language would change to ‘the spouse of a former President during a former President’s lifetime, the surviving spouse of a former President until the surviving spouse’s death or remarriage’.”

“The U.S. has also never had an LGBTQ president,” The Hill report claimed. “In 2020, however, former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg was a popular candidate in the Democratic primary, winning the coveted Iowa caucuses before dropping out of the race. Buttigieg is now serving as Transportation secretary.”

At no point was it ever an issue that because Buttigieg is gay he could not become president. At no point.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from politicizing the issue as a sop to their dwindling base of supporters, most of whom are struggling to make ends meet in an inflationary economy the same as Republicans.

The fact is, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that forbids men or women from becoming president of the United States, regardless of sexual orientation.

“This is more petty grandstanding from a political party that is unable or unwilling to do anything positive on behalf of the American people and has resorted to nothing more than pointlessly passing symbolic bills,” Trending Politics noted.

“American voters can’t wait until November to hand this Woke Democratic Party a midterm elections loss for the history books,” the report added.

Let’s hope so, but the cold, hard reality is, no matter how bad the country has gotten under Democratic leadership, most Democrats in Congress today who are running for reelection are going to be reelected, because their voters see these meaningless legislative gestures as somehow more important than bringing gas prices back down under $2.50 or ensuring that they can put food on their tables.


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