Analysis: Left-Wing Media Won't Deliver Midterms for Democrats

Analysis: Left-Wing Media Won't Deliver Midterms for Democrats

A new analysis by a noted polling firm predicts that despite efforts by the mostly left-leaning mainstream media to help Democrats retain control of Congress during the midterms, the effort will fail.

“American media, in blindly promoting the Left, is failing in its duties to remain neutral, present a critical analysis and hold those in power accountable,” the TIPP Insights analysis, published Saturday, began.

“With 74 days left to go for the midterms, Americans are being bombarded by political advertising on local TV,” the firm’s editorial board noted in the analysis, adding that candidates are presenting themselves (mostly) the same way they have since the late 1980s: They are inherently good, and their opponents are inherently evil and dangerous.

“After decades of more of the same, Americans are tired of this dichotomy. It is little wonder that fliers and pamphlets that land in mailboxes are promptly discarded into recycled bins,” the analysis continues, adding:

But during the last three election cycles to 2018, corporate media, helped by an aggressive deep state, has injected its daily dose of political campaigning to promote the Left shamelessly. In what amounts to billions of dollars of free advertising for the Democrats, the media endlessly serves the Left’s wishes by falsely reporting on the Democrats’ achievements and incessantly covering profoundly negative stories about former President Trump and his allies.

The objectivity that the American Fourth Estate was internationally renowned for and to which people could turn to, to reliably cover both sides critically and hold those in power accountable is all gone. In a massive global Digital News Report, based on a survey of six continents and 46 major media markets by the Reuters Institute and Oxford University, the U.S. stood out as the lowest among all nations surveyed. Our TIPP Poll tracks the low trust in the media every month.

As such, Americans are left to rely on their own surroundings and personal experiences to inform them about the country and the world.

So despite the media’s spin on, say, how the Democratic regime of Joe Biden is responsible for a ‘great economy,’ Americans know better because they are in grocery and retail stores daily, as well as gas stations, and they see how much prices have gone up during the current administration. They pay their monthly bills and experience for themselves how much harder it is to do now versus even just a couple of years ago. And they know that Democrats control Congress and the White House while understanding that past presidents and congresses have been hailed or held responsible for the current state of the economy and the country.

They don’t need the media trying to tell them otherwise, in other words, the TIPP Insights analysis noted. And when the media tries to do so, they are not believed.

Then there is the ongoing effort by the same leftist media to shape narratives rather than do actual reporting.

“The media has relentlessly covered the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort, relying on unverified leaks from the DOJ, using bombastic names such as the Espionage Act, implying that Trump committed treason. As TIPP noted, the raid’s timing was highly suspicious, coming fewer than 90 days before a crucial election,” the analysis said, adding further:

When the primaries started, the media parlor game was to track a record of Trump’s endorsements. [We don’t remember the media keeping score of President Obama’s or Clinton’s endorsements]. If Trump’s candidates failed, or so the narrative went, the media’s long-cherished hope that Trump has been sidelined within the GOP would write itself. But when over 92% of Trump’s endorsements won, they began reporting that the Trump candidates are extreme and will likely lose in the general election.

“Americans see things differently. In President Biden, they observe an inept leader presiding over the country’s worst times in over 40 years. The war just entered its seventh month; an invasion has occurred at the southern border; crime is rampant; inflation is crippling American families, many of whom continue to descend on food pantries. Many long for the prosperous times during the Trump presidency, without the daily drama of the former president’s White House,” the analysis noted.

As such: “We are confident that the partisan media’s efforts to deliver the midterms to the Democrats will fail.”

The analysis cites Rep. Liz Cheney’s trouncing in this month’s Wyoming Republican primary. Despite the media’s praising of her role as vice chair of the Jan. 6 Committee and giving her plenty of glowing praise on leftist cable news outlets, she got beaten badly by Trump-backed lawyer Harriet Hageman: 37 points.

The TIPP Insights analysis concludes: “The drive-by media is attempting to divert attention away from Americans’ daily struggles to make ends meet. It employs distractions such as Trump coverage. Americans can tell the difference between reality and the media’s manipulations. The cavalry is coming in November, and the media can’t stop it.”


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