American Academy Of Pediatrics Actually Claims Girls Can Get 'Erections' In Woke Gender Puberty Guide

American Academy Of Pediatrics Actually Claims Girls Can Get 'Erections' In Woke Gender Puberty Guide

Our country’s scientific and medical institutions and organizations are continuing to beclown themselves — as well as shred any semblance of credibility they have left — in an insane push to propagandize our children with radical woke gender nonsense.

The most recent example comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is attempting to convince young minds of medical, scientific, and biological falsehoods.

The Daily Wire reports:

Can girls get erections? A co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ newest guide to puberty not only says yes they can but that such occurrences are completely normal. In response to these claims, some pro-family groups are slamming the “gender diverse” book as “insanity.”

On April 19, the AAP issued a new guide titled “You-ology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body” targeted toward children ages nine through 13 years old. One pediatrician who helped write the book explained in a radio interview that the group of professional doctors wanted to purposefully include chapters explaining radical gender ideology to children.

“With this book, we’re trying to change that language to be more inclusive,” Dr. Kathryn Lowe told National Public Radio — without explaining that by trying to be ‘inclusive’ she and her organization are literally pushing fake science and biology.

“With traditional puberty education, whether it’s in schools or in books, we talk about how girls get their periods and boys get erections,” she went on to claim. “But some girls – for example, transgender girls – might not get their periods. They need to understand about erections and those changes in their bodies. So we wanted to fill this void in puberty education so that kids, regardless of their gender, can see themselves in a book and learn about their bodies.”

Thankfully, this lunacy is getting pushback.

Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, rebuked NPR for actually promoting the guide as well as the pediatric organization’s obvious attempt to indoctrinate tweeners and teens with radical gender ideology.

“Only a few years ago, you would have been laughed out of the room for saying that men can have babies. Now, our national media are enthusiastically promoting doctors teaching this to children,” Schilling said.

The AAP’s original plan was diabolical. Under the guise of having previously been a respected organization pushing accurate, science-based, well-rounded research, the organization planned to put these warped guides in every classroom in the country but that is no longer a reality, another physician behind the project complained to NPR.

Thanks to the rationality of Republican governors and state legislators, there are an increasing number of states that are enacting legislation barring this garbage from being made available to students, especially those in the lowest grades.

Dr. Trish Hutchison, a pediatrician, told the taxpayer-funded radio station that the group “wanted this book to be in every school in the country so that any kid could pick it up and see themselves and their peers.”

Now, “there are certain states out there where you can’t even say [some] of these words,” Hutchison added.

“You-ology” also discusses terms like “assigned sex,” “cis-,” and “trans.”

“If a baby is born with a penis, their sex assigned at birth is male. If a baby is born with a vulva, their sex assigned at birth is female,” the book claimed.

“Most babies who are born with a penis grow up feeling like a boy on the inside too. That’s called being cisgender (cis- means ‘same),” the book added. “But there are some babies born with a penis who grow up feeling like a girl on the inside. That’s called being transgender (trans- means ‘cross’ or ‘opposite’).”

“Similarly, if a baby born with a vulva grows up feeling like a girl, she is a cisgender girl,” the doctors claimed matter of factly. “If that baby grows up knowing he is a boy, then he is a transgender boy.”

Nicole Neily, the president and founder of Parents Defending Education, ripped the AAP for attempting to “normalize” these fabricated concepts.

“The authors’ stated goal is to ‘normalize’ these conversations, which is a problem in and of itself,” Neily said. “Many Americans do not believe that these concepts are ‘normal,’ and they do not want such ideas planted in their children’s heads.”

Schilling, by comparison, was far more direct: “This is insanity.”


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