25 States Back Texas Amid Biden Border Invasion

25 States Back Texas Amid Biden Border Invasion

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and former President Donald Trump are expressing support for Texas in its dispute with the Biden administration over border control.

Kennedy tweeted that a country without borders is not a country, affirming Texas’s right to defend its borders. Trump, the GOP frontrunner for 2024, praised Texas‘s “commonsense measures” and pledged to collaborate with Gov. Abbott on sealing the border and initiating a large-scale deportation operation.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana blamed President Biden’s border policies for wreaking havoc across the country.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin accused the Biden administration of neglecting border security and expressed support for Texas’s constitutional right to defend itself. Over two dozen Republican governors released a joint statement criticizing the Biden administration for its handling of the border crisis, accusing it of leaving Americans vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration.

The statement emphasizes solidarity with Gov. Abbott and Texas, endorsing the use of razor wire fences to secure the border. It criticizes the Biden administration for not enforcing existing immigration laws and permitting mass parole of migrants who entered the country illegally.

The razor wire fencing in Texas, implemented by Gov. Abbott in Eagle Pass, has become a visible measure to deter migrants.

Texas seized control of a park near the border, prompting a feud with the Biden administration, which demanded access to the park in a letter from the Department of Homeland Security.

The Supreme Court‘s recent decision allowed Border Patrol officials to remove razor wire near Eagle Pass.


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