21% of Democrats Wanted Biden Vote Back…Before Afghanistan Catastrophe

21% of Democrats Wanted Biden Vote Back…Before Afghanistan Catastrophe

A Zogby Analytics survey shows 21% of Democrats regret voting for President Joe Biden. Biden, who has only been in office since January, has received backlash on pretty much all policy fronts from border security and immigration, to economic recovery and infrastructure, and most recently the troublesome way he withdrew the United States from Afghanistan.

29% of Biden’s Republican voters also regret their vote, and 14% of independents expressed wanting their vote back. The Washington Examiner writes “the Zogby Analytics survey is rich with details of who is abandoning Biden.”

Pollster Jonathan Zogby notes that while a 20% regret may seem like a low number, it is actually extremely bad because of the close number of votes in so many states. “If you take into consideration the size of the electorate, and how the last two presidential elections (2016 and 2020) were decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of battleground states, this could really hurt President Biden’s chances in 2024” he said.

Arguably the most important aspect of this polling is the fact that the survey was taken before the Afghan withdrawal debacle. “That has made many voters eager for Biden to be punished, impeached, or resign. In a Rasmussen Reports survey this week, 52% called for his resignation. And a new Ipsos survey showed his approval at 46% and disapproval at 48%.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

In the Zogby Poll, Biden’s base now appears shaky. While women and older voters have fewer regrets about their vote for him, younger and urban voters, as well as black and Hispanic people, were more regretful.

“Men (27% yes/70% no/3% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Joe Biden than women (13% yes/82% no/5% not sure). Ethnicity also factored in how much voters expressed regret about voting for Biden: Hispanics (33% yes/63% no/4% not sure) and African Americans (25% yes/70% no/5% not sure) were more likely than white voters (16% yes/80% no/4% not sure) to regret voting for Biden,” read Zogby’s analysis.

“Where voters lived was also of significance when it came to whether voters’ regretted voting for President Biden. Urban voters (28% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Biden than suburban (14% yes/83% no/4%not sure) and rural voters (12% yes/86% no/3%not sure),” he added.




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