NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says City Is FULL, No More Room For ILLEGALS

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says City Is FULL, No More Room For ILLEGALS

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has sounded the alarm on the illegal immigrant crisis, declaring that the city can no longer accommodate more illegal migrants and is reaching a boiling point. During a violence prevention task force briefing on Monday, Adams, alongside other city and state officials, including Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul, addressed the pressing issue.

Adams emphasized that they have exhausted available indoor space and now face the challenge of managing the inevitable overflow of illegals. He expressed concern about the possibility of tent cities sprouting up across the city, similar to what has occurred in other municipalities dealing with the crisis.

To address the crisis, Adams announced that his administration will soon roll out the “next phase of our operation.” He called for a state of emergency to be declared and increased funding to address this national crisis effectively.

The situation has become particularly acute at The Roosevelt Hotel, where a significant number of migrants have sought shelter. The hotel has now reached full capacity, leaving many migrants sleeping outside the building.

According to the mayor’s office, over 93,000 migrants have entered New York City since the previous spring, putting immense strain on the city’s resources. While efforts are made to provide temporary placements, the growing number of arrivals poses an ongoing challenge.


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